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Santa Cruz County Toilet Rebate Programs

Save water. Save Money. And get a better flush to boot!

Changing out your old toilet with all that water in the bowl for a low flow toilet saves water and money. Not only that, there are programs in place within Santa Cruz County Water Districts to help you get that low flow toilet and get a rebate.

I can hear you now “if I get rid of my old toilet, then I’ll end up with toilet clogging problems and it won’t take the waste!”

This is a myth if a good toilet is chosen for your households needs. The engineering of many low flow toilets is incredible. While it’s true that if you buy the cheapest low flow toilet, you MAY run into some clogging issues, there are many low flow toilets that will take all the crap and take it to where its supposed to go. Toto and Kohler both have very low flow toilets that can handle um loads of waste. Both are on many of the lists of approved toilets with Santa Cruz County Toilet Rebate Programs.

So how do you know what toilet is best for your household so that you don’t have to also buy stock in a plunger company? You ask a professional like Anytime Plumbing.

Here are links to the various Santa Cruz County Water Departments. Check them out and give Anytime Plumbing a call to replace your toilet. Anytime Plumbing can advise on toilet type best for your household, pick up the toilet from plumbing supply houses at the best possible cost, uninstall the old toilet, install the new toilet and give you all the receipts so you can submit them to the proper water authority. Certainly check with your local water department for details for doing that paperwork correctly is in your hands and can put money back into your hands.

City of Santa Cruz Water Department 831-420-5220

Scotts Valley Water District 831-438-2363

City of Watsonville Public Works and Utilities Department 831-768-3100

Soquel Creek Water District 831-475-8500

San Lorenzo Valley Water District 831-338-2153

While your at the Water District website of your household, check out their other rebate programs. Many of them have multiple programs that might be great for your household to take advantage of to save water, save money and improve your homes value all at the same time. Then contact Anytime Plumbing for an estimate to get it done!



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