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Why Do I Have Odor In My Plumbing?

It is never normal to have an odor coming from your plumbing system. When you smell a foul odor from your drains or anywhere else in your plumbing system, there is likely a leak in the waste or vent piping. The odor may also be caused by a broken or lost water seal in one of the sink traps. It’s important to make sure your plumbing is properly vented and that there are no deficiencies in the system.

Never ignore an odor coming from your plumbing system. Call a licensed plumbing contractor if you notice any distinct odor that persists. Try to explain where the odor is coming from and what it smells like to the best of your ability. This will make it easier for the contractors to pinpoint where the issue is coming from before they pack up their tools and parts to head over and fix the problem.

Sewer Gas Leaks

Although it isn’t often dangerous, a sewer gas leak can cause illness including headaches. In rare cases, this occurrence can cause death so an odor in the plumbing line shouldn’t be ignored. It’s wise to contact a plumbing company right away. If there is a sewer gas leak, the problem should only be handled by professionals. They are aware of the proper safety precautions and care needed for this situation.

To locate a sewer gas leak, a plumber will often use smoke, water or even peppermint oil during a simple plumbing system test. The traps and vents in your plumbing system are responsible for the separation of water and sewer air. If these traps or vents malfunction, the sewer air may easily get into the water lines. The seals to these traps and vents may falter during extreme weather conditions.

Your plumbing contractor will effectively fix the plumbing system when sewer gas is an issue. Of course, an odor from the system doesn’t always necessarily lead to a sewer gas leak. However, regardless of the reason for the odor, even if it is due to a small clog in your drain, it can be fixed by your plumber. It is in your best interest to call a professional plumber to care for the situation immediately.



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