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Signs Your Pipes are in Disrepair

It is common for all properties owners to experience the headache and stress brought on by plumbing issues. All plumbing systems need regular inspections and maintenance in order for them to function properly and without concern. Even then, plumbing emergencies do happen especially in extreme temperatures, inclement weather conditions, and other detrimental situations that are out of our control. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find a reliable plumber to contact whenever you’re in need of repairs or maintenance. However, it is your responsibility to notice any signs of plumbing issues before they worsen. Noticing when your pipes are in disrepair and in need of a plumber’s attention is perhaps the most difficult part of maintaining your plumbing system.

When you can recognize the signs suggesting your pipes are in poor condition, you’ll be able to contact your plumber before it’s too late and more extensive damage is done. To avoid the added stress and costs you face paying for future repairs and replacements, remember and recognize the signs that are caused by poor pipe conditions.

  • It isn’t uncommon for brown or discolored water to come out of your faucets if they haven’t been turned on in quite some time, but if this occurs frequently, it could be a sign of pipe damage. If metal pipes erode, they may release rust, metal, lead and other harmful toxins into the water. This could cause illness to those that drink it. Luckily, metal pipes are less common and plastic pipes have been taking their place.
  • Poor water pressure is a sign of clogging. Some clogs aren’t serious and can be dislodged easily but other clogs may be deep into the plumbing systems infrastructure which is a more difficult and costly fix if not cared for immediately.
  • Old homes tend to have out of date plumbing materials and lead pipes creating their plumbing system. Not to mention, you never know how old a plumbing system is in an older home until you have it thoroughly inspected. It is important to replace and pipes showcasing rust and erosion before you drink or bathe in the water that comes from your faucets.
  • Noisy pipes that squeal and clank may be telling you that they’re in need of repairs or replacements. If a plumbing system isn’t functioning properly, it may be due to obstacles in the pipelines such as a clog, a leaky pipe, or other existing problems.


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