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Preventing Backflow

Performing regular maintenance and cleanings on your home or business’s plumbing is extremely important. This includes where the drains are throughout your home such as the ones you find in sinks and bathtubs or possibly even in the basement near your washer. When your plumbing and drains aren’t addressed routinely, you may one day experience backflow which will only lead to the contamination of anything nearby as well as plenty of headaches.

Backflow happens when your pipes or drains become clogged and contaminated or dirty water comes back up through the drain and into your home. This usually happens when there is a larger blockage of some sort. The water that goes down the drain is pressured into coming back up for release since it cannot make it down into the sewer system where it belongs.

Measures to Take to Avoid Backflow

  • Make sure your appliances and pipes are protected by backflow prevention devices. When the main water supply experiences less pressure than that of your pipes, your supply can become contaminated. However, you can prevent this by using non-return valves throughout your plumbing system. This small, inexpensive solution will stop any contaminated water from reaching your main supply regardless of the pressure.
  • Always keep your shower and/or bathtub clean and never let your showerhead sit on the floor of the tub. This could cause for dirty water to get through to your clean water supply. Also, clean out any wads of hair or debris after every time you shower or bathe.
  • If you often use your garden hoses on the exterior of your home, make sure you always wrap it up and put it away so that the head of the hose is not touching the ground or pointing upwards. You should also ensure that your hose is fitted with a backflow prevention device to keep your plumbing safe.

The Dangers of Backflow

Experiencing backflow isn’t just dirty, it can be extremely unhealthy. It is a potential health risk that you can easily avoid. Backflow is normally a mixture of the things that have gone down your drains. This could be anything from chemicals to dirty toilet water. It is essential that you avoid the likelihood of backflow at all costs. This means that caring and cleaning your drains and pipes should be a priority and regular routine. You may also schedule with a reliable residential plumber or commercial plumber for such maintenance. They have the tools and experience to keep your plumbing functioning properly and can easily add on any necessary backflow prevention devices for you.



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