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Why You Might Have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is perhaps one of our biggest pet peeves, especially when we experience it at our homes. Whether you’re washing dishes, taking a shower, or trying to hose something off outside, when low water pressure is an issue, it can be completely frustrating. The lack of pressure being released will make anything you’re trying to do take much longer than it should.

If your home is situated in a neighborhood, you may experience low water pressure due to the increased usage of the main water supply at that time. If all homes nearby try to draw water at the same time, the pressure of your supply decreases momentarily.

Older pipes may be made out of galvanized steel which will eventually lead to corrosion. This corrosion will build up over time, causing for a blockage or lower water pressure.

If your pipes are made of lead or plastic, you may have lower pressure due to deformities in the pipeline. These deformities happen when the soft material used to make the pipes is squished or damaged in some way, causing water to slowly get through.

Your shut off valve to the main water supply may be damaged. This valve is also referred to as the stopcock. If this piece experiences harm, it could cut off your water supply or cause it to have less pressure. In less extreme cases, you may get lucky and find that the valve was never fully opened.

Over winter months, it isn’t uncommon for your pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes can lead to serious damage and plumbing concerns. For example, if a pipe freezes over, it will likely corrode and form a leak. Any leaks in your plumbing will hinder your water pressure.

If your home’s plumbing isn’t designed and laid out according to standard, it could cause for low water pressure. The more entangled or vertical your pipes are the less water pressure you’ll receive.

If you notice that your water pressure has been consistently lower than normal, contact a local plumber to schedule an inspection. They’ll pinpoint the area or areas of concern and provide you with the information you seek as well as the plumbing services they recommend as a solution to the issue.



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