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How your Kitchen Plumbing Works

Every homeowner should take the time to properly understand how his or her kitchen plumbing works. Understanding this basic concept makes it easier to make repairs in the future, or understand what a plumber must fix to get your kitchen functioning properly once again. Below is a breakdown of the average kitchen and the plumbing that makes it work.

It’s All Interconnected

It doesn’t matter if you just have a sink, or you have a sink, a garbage disposal and a dish washer, all those devices are connected and rely on the same plumbing system to function. The sink plumbing is what makes everything else function properly. There’s a series of drains that drop down from each of the sinks in the home to let water go out the sink and through the plumbing system. These pipes drop straight down, route through a P-trap and then go do the main drain for the plumbing system.

If a garbage disposal is added to the system, it’s connected to the same sink drain system and the food particles and liquid flow through that same drain out of the kitchen.

If a dish washer is installed, it drains out its liquid through the same kitchen drain that’s used by the garbage disposal and the sink.

The sink has two separate water supply lines going to it that usually have individual shutoffs as well. There’s a hot supply line and a cold supply line. The dish washer has its own water supply line as well going directly to it, making it possible to run the dish washer and the sink at the same time. The garbage disposal does not have a supply line of its own, which is why it’s recommended to run water while using the system to keep it functioning properly.

Appliances Have Their Own Supply

If you have a refrigerator with a water dispenser or an ice maker, this has a built-in water line as well. This allows the appliance to continually do its job without affecting any of the other plumbing fixtures in the kitchen.

Problems are Connected as Well

Now that you understand a bit how all the plumbing in the kitchen comes together, it’s easy to see how it might be difficult to diagnose a plumbing problem. All the different fixtures in the kitchen are interconnected, and a problem in one could cause problems in multiple systems. That’s why it’s often best to have a professional come in and look if you run into issues.

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