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Noises in Your Plumbing

Hearing noises from your plumbing system is not a welcoming sign. When you hear noises coming from your plumbing it could mean several things but it is typically a sign that your plumbing system is in disrepair and might need urgent emergency help. The manufacturers of plumbing fixings and parts focus their some of their efforts on making their products noiseless. They’ll do whatever they can to reduce the noise associated with the operation of their equipment. For example, it is found that larger pipes create less noise as the water flows through them.

The Three Common Types of Plumbing System Noise

Water Hammer

The water hammer is a thumping sound you may hear in your plumbing system. This sound is created when the water is suddenly shut off. When the fast flow of the water is quickly turned off, the water is halted and therefore creates the thumping noise you hear. This usually means there is a defect with the water chamber where the air and water are kept separate.

In some cases, this noise can be cured with a simple fix the homeowner can do on their own. By turning off the water behind the waterlogged chamber, and opening and unclogging the faucet, the water will drain and you will allow air to fill the cushion again. If this solution isn’t found effective, you may need to drain the main water supply lines so that they can fill with air again.

Pipe Chattering

Pipe chattering may be an indication of a few issues. The chattering sound may be caused by loose pipes, pipes rubbing against one another, worn faucet washers, or loose parts. To pinpoint the reason for pipe chattering, it is best to call a plumber. They’ll have their own ways of testing your plumbing so that they can effectively fix the problem creating the sound.

Plumbing Whistling

The whistling sound you hear coming from your plumbing system is usually created near the bends and tees in your plumbing system. Since the water quickly goes through your pipes, when it is given less space, it will whistle as it flows through. Usually, this high pitched sound can be easily fixed by a plumbing contractor. Your pipes may need readjusting or they may be too small.



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