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The Different Types of Faucets

Not a lot of homeowners know this, but there are four types of faucets for residential properties and it’s important to know the difference between each one. To properly address an issue with your faucet or to have it replaced, you must know what type of faucet you have. This will help you find the parts or replacement you need if you’re facing issues with your current faucet setup.

Ball – a single handle faucet with a ball inside of its spout. The ball inside allows the handle to move more effortlessly. Inside the body of the spout also includes metal springs and rubber components. These sink fixtures are the likeliest to leak due to all the parts involved. This type of faucet is the most common in residential homes.

Disc – this new-age faucet has a single handle over a wide tubular body. A pressure cartridge inside the body of the faucet combines and balances hot and cold water. Ceramic disks control the amount of water that flows, while the side to side rotation of the faucet handle controls the water temperature.

Cartridge – this faucet can come single handled or double handled. This faucet earns its distinction from that of a compression faucet is the feel you get when you use the handles to encourage the water to flow. The faucet adjusts the flow of water by operating in an up and down manner while side to side movements control the water temperature.

Compression – this type of faucet separates the hot and cold water control through separate handles. They are the oldest faucet type and are prone to leak more so than any other faucet types. Fortunately, if a leaky faucet is ever a concern, it is usually only a washer replacement within one of the handles that is needed to effectively correct the problem and stop the leak.



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