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How to Check a Plumbing License

Before you begin working with any new plumber, it’s important to make sure that company has a license to do the work in your state. Without a proper license, you could be put at risk by the work that’s done. Even a plumber that knows what he is doing can make mistakes, and when those mistakes happen, an unlicensed plumber is likely to leave you responsible for all the repairs yourself.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re working with a licensed professional. Read on to learn how to verify that a license exists and to make sure you’re getting a plumber you can count on.

Ask if They are Licensed

The first step you can take to find out if a plumbing company is licensed is to just ask. Ask for proof of a license. If the company is not willing to provide you with that proof, move on to someone else that will. It’s simple and easy to do, and asking only takes a few moments.

Conduct a Local License Search

Most states provide a way for the consumer to look up licenses of local plumbers. Get in touch with a county licensing official, or use an online service to look up the license of the company or sole plumber. This step usually only takes a few moments after you learn where to search, and is the simplest way to verify that the plumber has a license.

Verify with the State License Board

After you ask for the plumber’s license, or proof of a license, ask for the specific license number. When you have the number, it will only take you a few moments to double check that it’s valid and that it belongs to the company that you’re having work in your home. You can easily give the number to the state licensing board and find out who the number belongs to and if it is a valid license at all. A couple minutes is all it takes to double check the license of your plumber before you allow him to get started, and it’s well worth the time.

The next time that you’re planning on hiring a plumber to work in your home, get all the licensing information ahead of time so you can be sure that you’re dealing with a professional. The unlicensed workers may be cheaper, but they can cost you far more over time in problems and unprofessional work.

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