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Top Rated Santa Cruz Radiant Heating System Repair & Installation Services

Radiant heating is an efficient heating system that can be placed in the walls, floors or sometimes ceilings of the building. It is effective at heating up smaller, high traffic areas in a more efficient way. They’re more commonly installed in bathrooms or kitchens, when the floors of the rooms are cold and could benefit from heating that comes from the ground up.

There are numerous reasons why installing a radiant heating system would be a good idea. These systems heat up much quicker than traditional heating systems. This is because it heats the specific room that it is installed in, instead of the entire home. It is a very energy efficient method for heating rooms in the home, which can save you additional cash on your bills each month. It is also a method that is easier on those with allergies, since nothing is circulating through the home.

It can also be much quieter, making it much more enjoyable inside your home or office. If you’re inside a building that only provides heating every now and again, then this would be an ideal heating system for you to use.

Repair and Installation of a Radiant Heating System

There are two specific areas that we address with radiant heating systems. We can provide repair on the current radiant heating system that you have in your home, or we can come out and install a system for you. We can assess the current office or home space that you’d like to have it installed and ensure that we install the correct system.

Repairs can be done when you think something is wrong with the unit. Generally, the coils are under floor boards, in walls or above the ceiling. This requires a professional to go in and fix the issue. Certain issues might be easy, but others might be more complex, requiring a professional repair.

Installation of the unit should always be performed by a professional. This will not only provide a warranty on the system, but also ensure that it is installed correctly inside the space. You shouldn’t install the system on your own unless you have experience doing so, or know someone that does.

We provide installation, repairs and further information about radiant heating systems within our Santa Cruz radiant heating company. Contact us today to find out how we can set you up with the most efficient heating system on the market.

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