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21 Aug

Why and When is Re-piping Necessary?

In the past, re-piping your entire home would’ve been a costly and lengthy process.  But thanks to Anytime Plumbing and recent innovative plumbing technologies, it’s much more affordable and costs a small percentage of what it once did.  As the name implies, re-piping involves a process wherein the pipes in an older home are replaced with new ones.  Re-piping is a relatively straightforward process.  However, in the more extreme cases, it may be necessary to rip out everything and start from scratch.

What does whole-house re-piping entail?

Basically, whole-house re-piping refers to replacing the key component to your home’s plumbing systems – in other words, all the pipes.  While this can be quite an extensive job, the new pipes should last as long the house remains standing.  However, when you consider the permanency that results from investing in this, the cost and the work that was done will seem relatively minor.  The first step in the whole-house re-piping process is deciding on the types of materials that will be used.

In most cases, copper pipes are used when replacing the main waste and water lines while different types of materials such as CPVC and PEX will be used to branch off the main lines to your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room fixtures.  Depending on the size of your home, it will take from 3 to 5 days to complete the installation.  Furthermore, your water service will only be interrupted a couple of hours each day and/or when the changeover is being completed.

Why and when is re-piping necessary?

The best way to determine if your home is a good candidate for a whole-house re-piping job before involving Anytime Plumbing in the process is for you to inspect the pipes. Bathrooms and kitchens have the easiest access to plumbing.  Just look under your counters and sinks or behind your washing machine to see the condition of the pipes that lead to your faucets, toilets, and washer.  If utility spaces have access to plumbing, you should check out these areas as well.

The pipes in your home’s plumbing system should last for years.  However, knowing the answer to “why and when is re-piping necessary?” is not always easy.  The following are the 7 warning signs that indicate a need to call Anytime Plumbing and determine if it’s time to replace the pipes in your home:

  • You can see the signs of corrosion on your pipes such as discolorations, flaking, rust, small indentations, or stains.
  • Your pipes are 50 years old (or older) or they were made with unsafe materials such as lead or polybutylene.
  • Your pipes are leaking.
  • Your plumbing fixtures as well as your dishwasher, shower, or washing machine is exhibiting lower-than-normal water pressure.
  • Your water has a brownish, reddish, or yellowish tint to it when turning on your faucets.
  • Your water smells and/or tastes bad.
  • Your water temperature fluctuates from cold to hot (or vice versa) in a matter of seconds.

How much does whole-house re-piping cost?

Another common question that many customers ask after we’ve answered “why and when is re-piping necessary?” is how much it will cost to re-pipe their entire house.  Depending on where your home is located, the cost to re-pipe a shower, sink, toilet, etc. will average anywhere from $600 to $2,000.  Naturally, the more extensive the need to replace these pipes, the higher the cost to do so.  If a whole-house piping replacement is necessary, you can expect to pay as little as $4,000 to as much as $15,000 or more based on the age or the pipes and the size of the home. You can call our Santa Cruz plumbers to get an estimate for your customized plumbing requirements. Our team of expert plumbers will evaluate the requirement and then provide you with a written quote.

What are the benefits of whole-house, re-piping?

Customers often ask the Anytime Plumbing specialists if re-piping their home will add more value to it.  Unfortunately, it really doesn’t.  However, it will bring your home up to code standards and thereby, bring it up to its fair market value.  Conversely, a home that is in need of re-piping will be valued less than its fair market value. You will be investing in your home and protecting the structural integrity for a long time to come, as there will be no more leakages or burst pipes. The following are some of additional benefits of whole-house re-piping:

  • improved water pressure
  • no more leaking pipes
  • rust-free water
  • safer plumbing system overall

If you’re wondering why and when is re-piping necessary, our service specialists are always available to answer your questions.  To learn more, contact Anytime Plumbing at your earliest convenience. Our business representatives would be glad to answer your queries and clarify doubts about our services and various procedures. Call us now!

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