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07 Jun

What Acid Do Plumbers Use to Unclog Drains

A sink that’s not draining or a toilet that doesn’t flush can be very annoying. Drain clogs can happen often, especially if you’re not careful what you are putting down the drain. Whether it’s scrap food or organic residue, it can accumulate in time and prevent water from draining properly. Luckily, clogged drains are most […]

13 May

Why Is My Drain Slow?

A slow drain is a common inconvenience for homeowners, and something we all have to deal with at some point. While it’s normally a minor plumbing issue, it’s not something you can just ignore. Not only that it makes your tasks slower, but a slow drain can also lead to build-ups, mold, stains, unpleasant smells, […]

05 Apr

What Is the Cost of Clearing a Clog in a Sink, Bathtub, Toilet, or Garbage Disposal?

Plumbing costs can vary a lot, even if the symptoms are similar. The underlying issues that you start observing when using your plumbing system might be minor or might take a lot more effort to solve. This is why it’s hard to know exactly how much a plumbing repair will cost, but we can give […]

04 Feb

How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

A clogged sink is not only a nuisance, but it can also create a lot of problems. It can flood your floor and walls, is unhygienic, and sometimes hard to get rid of. Here are some of the best solutions to efficiently unclog your bathroom sink. What Makes Your Bathroom Sink Clog? Before you choose […]

02 Feb

How To Unclog Your Bathtub

A clogged bathroom drain can be extremely annoying. Not only that the bathtub gets dirty with residue, but it’s also unhygienic and it takes a long time before you can clear the water out of the tub each time you use it. Luckily, there are plenty of DIY solutions you can try before calling a […]

14 Dec

Why Does My Kitchen Sink Keep Getting Clogged?

Who doesn’t hate clogged kitchen sinks? Because the kitchen sink is, unquestionably, one of the most used sinks in every household, clogging can be irking. Snaking and plunging is a typical practice to unclog kitchen sinks, and it’s really helpful, but it doesn’t have a significant effect on preventing future clogging. However, some clogs are […]

16 Nov

How Do “Liquid Plumbers” Work?

Explaining The Basics Of Liquid Drain Cleaners We’ve all been there. You’ve got a shower that won’t drain properly, a toilet that’s clogged, or a kitchen sink that’s backing up. You head to your closet, grab a bottle of “liquid plumber,” and pour it down the drain. Then, you let it sit for a while, […]

Cost To Fix Clogged Toilet
24 Jul

How To Avoid Toilet Clogs

One of the most frustrating plumbing issues a homeowner can have and a common service call for the specialists at Anytime Plumbing is a clogged toilet.  This is especially true if you only have one bathroom in the home and more than one family member uses it on a regular basis.  The toilet is one […]

clogged shower drain
20 Jul

My Shower Drain Is Clogged – What Should I Do?

Nothing could put a damper on your day than getting into the shower and noticing that your feet are getting submerged as the water is pooling up around them.  This is a fairly good indication that you’ve got a clogged drain line.  A clogged shower drain can be an inconvenience and very unsightly, especially when […]



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