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04 Aug

Santa Cruz Repiping Services

Simply stated, “re-piping” refers to the replacement of the primary components of any structure’s plumbing system namely, the pipes.  It’s also one of our specialties here at Anytime Plumbing.  Our plumbers have years of experience and expertise when it comes to providing commercial and residential customers with whole-house re-piping services throughout Santa Cruz County.  Furthermore, every one of our plumbers has been skillfully trained in all facets of whole-house re-piping and other plumbing tasks.  Thus, you can be sure that we go that extra mile to ensure that everything is done as per your satisfaction.

What does whole-house re-piping entail?

No matter if your business or home has copper or galvanized piping, the aging process will eventually take its toll on those pipes.  If you’ve recently noticed blockages, leaks, or water pressure fluctuations it may be time to consider a whole-house re-piping solution from Santa Cruz re-piping services.  In so many words, our whole-house re-piping solutions provide you with a new plumbing system. This will ensure that if there is any leak or potential disaster, re-piping will stop it in time.  

Anytime Plumbing emergency plumber specialists use copper to replace the main waste and water lines and CPVC or different types of plastic pipes that extend out from the copper piping to the smaller spaces where the fixtures are located.  A whole-house re-piping installation normally takes 3 to 5 days depending on the size of the home.  We will only interrupt your water service about 2 to 3 hours each day while working. Additionally, we’ll ensure that you or your family is not disturbed while we work.

How can you tell when re-piping your home is necessary?

Although the pipes in a business or home should last many years, it’s difficult to predict when replacement will be necessary.  Keep in mind that your pipes are exposed to a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. If you spot any of the problems below, it may be time to contact Anytime Plumbing:

  • Discoloration of the water – if you notice brown, red, or yellow-colored water coming out of your faucets, that’s an obvious sign that you have rust or sediment in your pipes and may need Santa Cruz re-piping services in the near future.
  • Low water pressure – this could be caused by a number of factors, the most common being corrosion or sediment build-up.  This causes blockages that impede the flow or water through the pipes.
  • Pipes are extremely old or unsafe – the general rule of thumb calls for re-piping any structure that is 50 years old or older.  Other factors include living in a cold weather climate, the use of unsafe materials such as lead pipes, and wear and tear.
  • Pipes are leaking – obviously, this is a warning sign that shouldn’t be neglected.  While condensation is normal on hot water pipes, springing a leak isn’t.
  • Pipes are visibly corroded – if you see discoloration, flaking, rust, small indentations, stains, or a combination of any of these, your pipes are showing signs of corrosion and you should replace them immediately.
  • Water has a bad smell or taste – if it isn’t you smelling up the bathroom or kitchen when turning on the water or your water tastes bad, your pipes are in bad shape and need to call Anytime Plumbing specialists about our Santa Cruz re-piping services.
  • Water temperature fluctuates – in some cases, this can be attributed to bad pipes or an old hot water heater that needs to be replaced.  However, if your water goes from cold to extremely hot in a matter of seconds, the pipes may have jammed the regulator valve and it’s time to replace them.

How much does re-piping an entire home cost?

It’s difficult to determine the cost of a whole-house re-piping job as it depends on the area of the US where you reside, if you live in a city or rural area, the size of your home and so on.  The average cost to re-pipe an entire home can range from $4,000 to $15,000.  If materials such as CPVC or PEX are used, you can expect it to cost you anywhere from $0.40 to $2.20 per linear foot.

How do you and your family get water for bathing, cleaning, and drinking while the Anytime Plumbing specialists are re-piping your home?

Despite the fact that it takes 3 to 5 days to complete a whole-house re-piping job, we only turn it off a couple of hours each if it becomes necessary.  Otherwise, it’s only turned off when we are making the changeover from the old plumbing system to the new one.  To learn more about our Santa Cruz re-piping services, contact Anytime Plumbing at your earliest convenience. We’d be glad to assist you with your plumbing requirements.

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