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30 Mar

Leaking Pipes in Your Wall – How to Find Them, And What Are the Repair Options and Cost

Plumbing problems often don’t come alone, especially if water damage gets to areas in your house that are hard to reach or structural. Leaking pipes inside your walls can go unnoticed until they have already damaged your wall, floor, or electric system. If you suspect there is a leaking pipe inside a wall, read on […]

15 Mar

How Much Will It Cost to Replace Plumbing in an Old House?

Having your whole plumbing system replaced can be a very costly project, so it’s understandable if you want to ensure that it’s the right decision. But, having an old system that reached the end of its life expectancy can lead to more problems in the long run that will not only require replacing it anyway […]

08 Mar

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Leaking or Burst Pipes?

Leaking or burst pipes are one of the most common problems that emergency plumbers are called for. The things that might cause leaking or a burst within the pipes are varied, which is why it’s quite difficult to tell how much the total cost will end up being for your particular problem. To give you […]

22 Feb

How Long Does Cast Iron Plumbing Last?

Cast iron was a common choice for plumbing before PVC came on the market, with most homes and businesses having cast iron plumbing systems in the 19th and 20th centuries. Since PVC only started being used for plumbing around the ‘80s, some houses still have the old cast iron plumbing system. If you are a […]

19 Feb

Does Insurance Cover Repiping?

Your piping system has a limited life expectancy, depending on the materials it’s made of, the conditions it was exposed to, and how well you maintained it. Repiping your whole house is usually the right solution for older buildings that have failing old plumbing systems. How long until your plumbing system reaches the end of […]

12 Jan

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Plumbing Pipes

In the plumbing stores, you will find various types of pipe. It’s often difficult to choose which of these pipes would be best for your plumbing needs, especially when you do not know much about plumbing pipes. Choosing a type of pipe for your apartment, office, or any ducting is a serious decision because you […]

21 Aug

Why and When is Re-piping Necessary?

In the past, re-piping your entire home would’ve been a costly and lengthy process.  But thanks to Anytime Plumbing and recent innovative plumbing technologies, it’s much more affordable and costs a small percentage of what it once did.  As the name implies, re-piping involves a process wherein the pipes in an older home are replaced […]

04 Aug

Santa Cruz Repiping Services

Simply stated, “re-piping” refers to the replacement of the primary components of any structure’s plumbing system namely, the pipes.  It’s also one of our specialties here at Anytime Plumbing.  Our plumbers have years of experience and expertise when it comes to providing commercial and residential customers with whole-house re-piping services throughout Santa Cruz County.  Furthermore, […]


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