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24 Sep

How Do You Know You Have Cast Iron Drainage Pipes in Your Home?

If your building has been constructed before 1975, then it’s a good chance that your drainage pipes were made of cast iron. Cast iron plumbing used to be very popular a few decades ago and for very good reasons. They are durable and have excellent noisy insulation properties. But, as they are approaching the end […]

10 Sep

What Causes a Shower Cartridge to Leak?

Cartridge valves are one of the four types of valves that are found inside of a faucet – particularly in shower faucets. The cartridge features holes that are responsible for regulating both the flow and temperature of the water when you operate the handle. When you have a leaking shower head or shower faucet, it’s […]

02 Sep

How To Fix A Leaking Shower Pan

A leaking shower pan can lead to a number of other problems when water is accumulating where it’s not supposed to be. If you notice that the water in your shower is not directed into the drainage system as it should be, check if the shower pan is working properly and try to spot any […]



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