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28 Dec

How to Pick the Right Faucet for Your Bathroom

Trivialized by most homeowners, faucets have a lot to say about your personality and taste. Picking the right faucets for your bathroom sends a lasting message to visitors and gives you a sense of warmth and satisfaction for making great judgments.

To enjoy heart-warming experiences in your bathroom, you have to pick the right faucet for your bathroom. This begins with knowing your budget and having a clear vision of how you want your bathroom to look. Once you have these two unique choices figured out, you can follow this brief guide to pick the faucet of your dreams.

Choosing the right faucet type

Surely, you need a faucet but not just any faucet. Picking the right type of faucet to fit perfectly into your bathroom is what matters most.

Ball faucets

If you prefer to stay a little old school, the ball faucet is still a good deal. This could be the right faucet for you if you prefer to turn knobs and choose between hot and cold water in the traditional way.

However, choosing a good ball faucet requires you to determine how it would be mounted. Ball faucets can be mounted either on walls or right on tubs and sinks in the more typical way.

Notwithstanding their intuitive ease of use, they are prone to leakages because they are the oldest faucet type.

Compressor faucets

These are also old-school kind of, but they make a good deal if you’re working on a tight budget. There have been improved designs of compressor faucets in recent times, so your bathroom doesn’t have to look so old school after all.

You can choose this faucet if you have a good hang on maintenance. Because of its age, it is also prone to leakages, and that, of course, requires you to maintain them frequently. Not to worry, however, a great quality plumbing service is at your disposal.

Disc faucets

If you’re more interested in the latest faucet technologies, then the disc faucet should win your heart over immediately. Choosing a disc faucet is simple since it doesn’t need to be double (each for hot or cold water). The same faucet controls both hot and cold water by simply turning it either way.

Because the disc faucet is a relatively new technology, it is more expensive than the other more primitive types. Though, it requires less frequent maintenance, which sounds like a good deal in the long run.

Also, there are newer technologies like automated faucets that are controlled by sensors. Although these may seem a bit more expensive than the others and may require constant electricity to run, it gives your bathroom a futuristic look.

Choosing the right faucet finish

Regardless of the type of faucet that you pick, the outer look gives your bathroom that glamorous look that you have envisioned in your head. By choosing the right finish for your next bathroom faucet, you’re just a step away from having your dream bathroom with the steps below.

  • With knowledge of your bathroom surfaces, choose the finishing that matches best. You don’t want to have shiny towel rails and doorknobs conflicting with matte faucets.
  • Review availability and maintenance requirements. Choosing a polished finish comes with demands for maintenance to keep them sparkling. So, if you’re not very available for this task, you might want to reconsider your choice.
  • Project use frequency. If you have kids or entertain visitors regularly, you can bet for sure that your faucets will often have fingerprints and water spots on them. In this case, choosing a faucet with a brushed finish can help hide prints and water spots.

Picking the dream faucet for your bathroom? You may need the help of an industry expert. Anytime Plumbing is only a few taps away, running to service all plumbing concerns at water speed. Schedule a service with us today.

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