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19 Aug

Bathroom Plumbing Remodeling and Repair Solutions for Residents of Santa Cruz County

Whether you have a bathroom plumbing problem that needs professional repair or you want to do a full remodel complete with new fixtures, Anytime Plumbing is always to help.  Since establishing our business, we have had one goal – provide our customers with the highest quality, most efficient Santa Cruz plumbing remodeling and repair solutions at the most competitive rates.  We are committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations and dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

Unlike so many of our competitors, we understand that many of our customers have a lot of responsibilities and respect the fact that their time is a precious commodity.  We’ll schedule a set appointment so you’re not waiting around for two to four hours before we arrive and so our work doesn’t interfere with your daily routine.  Don’t risk getting below average Santa Cruz bathroom plumbing service from dishonest companies or unqualified amateurs.  The Anytime Plumbing specialists will provide the trustworthy service you deserve.

What bathroom repair services do we provide?

Our team is comprised of licensed journeyman and master emergency plumbers, not a group of individuals who lack the proper qualifications to perform the repairs you need.  When you hire our specialists, we are equipped with the experience, expertise, and tools to perform the work correctly.  Furthermore, we won’t take shortcuts or subcontract the work out to other contractors. Thus, you can be sure about the high quality of workmanship and quality of spare parts used. We offer and extensive range of Santa Cruz bathroom plumbing repair services including:

  • backflow clean-up and prevention
  • drain unclogging
  • faucet installation and repair
  • frozen and burst pipe repair
  • general plumbing repairs
  • sewer line repair and replacement
  • sink installation and repair
  • toilet installation and repair
  • shower/tub installation and repair
  • water damage restoration
  • water heater installation and repair
  • water softener repair

As northern California’s premier plumbing company, Anytime Plumbing has long been recognized as the industry leader in Santa Cruz bathroom plumbing remodeling and repair for many years now.  Hiring a professional plumbing repair service ensures that the job is done correctly and cost-effectively. Each of the plumbing expert at our company is fully bonded, insured and licensed with years of experience in the industry.

What bathroom remodeling solutions do we specialize in?

Like any home remodeling project, a bathroom remodel will enhance the look of your home’s interior while at the same time increasing the overall value of your property.  A bathroom remodeling project is not an easy task and requires the skills of qualified tradespeople to handle a number of different tasks including new plumbing and fixtures as well as flooring, tiling, and much more.  At Anytime Plumbing, we provide the most comprehensive line of bathroom remodeling solutions.

We have an established network of suppliers that we have built long-term relationships with over the years.  So you can rest assured that your remodeling project will be done using the highest quality materials and workmanship in the industry today.  Some of the bathroom remodeling solutions that we provide includes:

  • bath, faucet, shower, and sink fixtures
  • faucet and sink installation and replacement
  • pipe repairs and/or replacement
  • shower, toilet, and tub installation and replacement
  • water heater installation, repair, or replacement

Anytime Plumbing is a fully bonded, insured, and licensed team of experts that has been skillfully trained in all facets of Santa Cruz bathroom plumbing repair and remodeling.  Consequently, we provide the highest quality workmanship at very competitive rates.

How much do bathroom plumbing repairs cost?

Depending on the job, location, and timing, it can cost anywhere from $175 to $460 (with an average cost of $317) for Santa Cruz bathroom plumbing repairs such as a faucet installation or replacement, toilet repair, unclogging a drain, etc.  Most rates will average between $70 and $120 per hour before the cost of materials and trip fees are added.  Flat-rates can run anywhere from $100 to $400 for the simpler repair jobs whereas the more complex jobs require additional time and labor. If you are looking for a price, call us and know more about our services and prices.

What should you expect to pay for a bathroom remodel?

The average cost of a complete bathroom remodel is around $10,500.  However, most homeowners spend between $6,000 and $15,000.  In some cases, you could spend less, such as between $3,500 and $7,000 just to update the basics in a smaller or medium sized bathroom.  For larger or master bathrooms, you could be looking at spending $25,000 or more.  Labor is roughly $65 per hour and typically averages 50% of the total price of the remodeling project.

If you have questions or queries, we’d be glad to answer them. For more information on bathroom plumbing repairs or to learn more about bathroom remodeling projects, contact Anytime Plumbing today.

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