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26 May

Why Is There Water Under My Sink?

Noticing water under the sink is almost never a good sign. It can signal anything from a minor issue that can be fixed quickly to important repairs or replacement that will take a lot of time and money. But, because it can be hard to tell for certain from the beginning what the problem is, you need to test out possible causes and eliminate them until you find the culprit.

A lot of these operations can be done on your own, but for others, you will need the help of a plumber who uses the tools, expertise, and experience you don’t have.

Here are the most common problems that can lead to leaking and pooling under your sink.

Causes of Leaks Under the Sink

  • Problems with the Drain Pipes

Sometimes, the simplest solution is to check your drain system. If a pipe is loose, a valve is too corroded or there is a clog in your P-trap, water will leak and you will notice it under the sink or in the cabinet every time you are using the sink.

If you prefer a hands-on approach before calling a plumber, you can easily verify the drain guard and see if it’s blocked by debris or clogged with soap scum and other substances. You can also try detaching the P-trap and check if it’s clogged, as it often gathers a lot of hair, soap scum, and grease that might be poured down the drain.

  • Your Faucet Is Leaking

If you want to find out if your faucet is leaking instead, you can test this by drying out the cabinet and the floor beneath and leave it like that for a few hours, without pouring anything down the drain. If you still notice leaks, your faucet might be the culprit. A plumber can easily replace your faucet or the problematic piece, a minor repair compared to the water damage you can get from it if you don’t solve it right away.

  • Leak in Your Reverse Osmosis System

If you have a reverse osmosis system installed, it could be the reason why you’re having leaks beneath the sink. Test its pipes and connections and make sure it’s not the reason why water is pouring beneath the sink. The most common points where leaks can occur are the pipes that connect the system to the water supply pipes.

Do You Need a Plumber?

If you can’t seem to solve the sink leak on your own, don’t postpone the repairs. As we mentioned, water damage can get even more expensive in the long term. A plumbing professional can inspect the problem and find the proper solution.

If you need this to be checked by an expert, call Anytime Plumbing and book an appointment. We will handle this issue fast and for an affordable price.

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