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29 Jun

What To Do When Your Pipes Get Damaged

Your home is one of the most valuable assets you have, but it can also be the biggest reason why you have to take money out of your pocket every single month.

A damaged or full-blown burst pipe is one of the reasons why a lot of money might leave your wallet. It’s always better to stay on top of these things and make sure your home’s plumbing is in top shape with a professional inspection, but if life gets in the way and you did not get around to do that, we can help.

Here’s what you should do when you see a pipe in your home is damaged or burst:

1. Turn off the Water

Flowing water into your home can cause panic and a lot of confusion, so before you check on the pipes, make sure to stop the water, especially if you don’t exactly know which pipe is responsible and where the water is flowing.

You’ll need to stop your home’s main tap, which is typically under the kitchen sink, though for your home it might be different.

2. Run the Water

Water will still be present in your pipes, so turn on the faucets (on cold) and let anything left in there go out. Flush all the toilets at least once to empty their tanks as well. Then shut off your water heater, and go back to the faucets and run the remaining hot water out.

3. Find the Pipe

After you’ve drained all the excess water, try to locate the damaged or burst pipe. Do this before you run to a store to get supplies because if the damage is extensive, or on a mail pipeline, you will need a lot more than the usual DIY pipe fixing accouterments can offer you.

If it’s something minor, you may be able to fix it quickly and save a few bucks. But, a bigger crack or damage will always work its way through the commercial tape or bonding agent, so even if you cover it up now, it can burst again in the future.

4. Contact a Professional Plumber

Even if it’s a small crack, it’s always best to let a professional plumber handle any type of damages to your pipes.

A lot of the commercial DIY solutions don’t really stand the test of time, and you can end up creating more damage in the long run. A professional plumber will inspect that situation and provide you with their best recommendations on how to address the problem for good.

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