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30 Mar

Leaking Pipes in Your Wall – How to Find Them, And What Are the Repair Options and Cost

Plumbing problems often don’t come alone, especially if water damage gets to areas in your house that are hard to reach or structural. Leaking pipes inside your walls can go unnoticed until they have already damaged your wall, floor, or electric system.

If you suspect there is a leaking pipe inside a wall, read on to learn about the signs, the repair costs, and what options you have to solve your problem.

Signs That a Pipe Is Leaking in Your Wall

Leaks from wall pipes can be very hard to notice or the damage can be inflicted fast and noticeably. Depending on the size of the cracks in the pipe, you can get several of the following signs:

  • Peeling paint or wallpaper;
  • Mold spots on the wall;
  • Weird smell in a certain spot of the house;
  • A dripping sound;
  • Your water bill is going up;
  • The walls or floors are swelling/distorting.

One or more of these signs indicate a leaking pipe, most of the time. Once you have that suspicion, it’s time to figure out if you really have a leaking pipe and solve it as fast as you can.

How to Diagnose a Leak in the Wall

Finding out if you have a hidden leaking pipe can be done by performing the water meter test. Find your water meter and register the number on it. Turn off the appliances that use water and any taps you might have running and don’t use any water for a few hours. If your water meter shows a higher number after taking this break from using water, it can indicate a leak.

You can find the exact spot where the leak is located with an infrared camera, a moisture meter, or by simply breaking into your drywall and checking it visually. We highly recommend calling a licensed plumber for these operations, since they will be able to use special equipment and prevent an unnecessarily invasive diagnosis.

Let’s see what options you have when dealing with a leaking pipe in your wall.

Repair Options

Repairing a leaking pipe is not done with the plumber’s tape, but you can definitely use it to stop it from leaking until the plumber gets to you. Tape is not a permanent solution and it will start leaking again if you don’t address it further.

The plumber will cut into the drywall with a saw and cut the pipe above and below the leak. They will replace the section of the pipe with a sleeve that will restore the function of the pipe.

The wall is then patched and hopefully, you won’t have too much damage on other structures and elements to repair. To minimize the extra damage, you should definitely act on it as soon as you notice the signs listed above.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Pipe Leak in the Wall

A national average of the diagnosis would be $100, while the repair itself might take you from $150 to $500, depending on where the pipe is located and how much damage has been inflicted already.

If you are in the Santa Cruz area and you are dealing with a similar issue, call Anytime Plumbing and schedule an in-house visit for a proper repair job.

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