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09 Oct

How Much Does A Plumber Cost?

The average cost for a plumber is between $172 and $458. That’s a big range – so why does the rate vary so much?

Because there are a lot of different things that can affect the cost of a particular plumbing job – and lots of different types of plumbing jobs.

Unclogging a garbage disposal is completely different than fixing a septic leak, for example, so you’ll pay a much different price for the service, and the cost of the service will likely be determined in a different way. Let’s discuss a few factors that affect the cost of hiring a plumber now – and help you learn a bit more about the business of plumbing.

After-Hours Or Weekend Appointments

Most plumbers offer 24/7 service for emergencies, but you’ll pay more for the privilege of fast service. Most plumbers charge a flat-rate fee for after-hours and weekend appointments, and may double – or even triple – their hourly rate for the job.

If you have a serious plumbing emergency, 24/7 plumbing is worth it to prevent water damage, but minor issues like leaky faucets or a clogged toilet can usually wait until normal business hours – saving you a lot of money!

Trip Fees

A “trip fee” is the fee you pay to get a plumber to your house, and it will vary depending on how far the plumber has to travel. This fee helps offset the cost and time spent to travel to and from a job site. These fees usually start at about $50, but may be significantly higher if you live in a remote area or are far away from your preferred plumber.

Hourly Vs. Flat-Rate Jobs

Many plumbers offer flat-rate services for some simple, common problems – such as unclogging a toilet, repairing a garbage disposal, or cleaning out a clogged shower drain. This is because these issues are simple, easy to fix, and don’t usually require a lot of troubleshooting.

However, more complex jobs may be charged at an hourly rate, which could be anywhere from $80 to $130 per hour. This may be charged in addition to a per-visit trip fee.

The Type Of Plumber You Hire

An apprentice or journeyman plumber will offer a relatively extensive variety of services. These plumbing pros work under the supervision of a master plumber, and they are cheaper than master plumbers.

However, these junior plumbing contractors may not be able to handle complex projects like gas line repairs. For complicated jobs, you will need to hire a master plumber, which will cost you more per hour than an apprentice or journeyman.

Materials For Repairs

Naturally, if your plumber has to replace piping, fixtures, or anything else in your home to resolve your issue, you will be charged for the materials, usually with a slight markup to cover the costs of acquiring the materials used in your project.

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