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24 Sep

How Do You Know You Have Cast Iron Drainage Pipes in Your Home?

If your building has been constructed before 1975, then it’s a good chance that your drainage pipes were made of cast iron.

Cast iron plumbing used to be very popular a few decades ago and for very good reasons. They are durable and have excellent noisy insulation properties. But, as they are approaching the end of their lifespan, cast iron pipes can create a lot of problems. They corrode from the inside out and the rust flakes can gather in one spot, obstructing the water flow and leading to slow drainage.

But, because cast iron pipes are located below the slab, locating and inspecting them can be a challenge.

Don’t worry! In this article, we will teach you how to determine if you have cast iron drainage in your home.

Know Where to Look

As mentioned, cast iron pipes are hidden away, but there are some spots in your home where they are visible. For example, you can check near the washing machine as some cast iron pipes are visible in this area in the form of a standpipe. There’s also a chance that the plumbing is visible in the attic in the form of a vent pipe.

If you locate the pipes in this area and notice that they have a black finish along with a bulge at each section, then you know that you have cast iron plumbing. Keep in mind, though, that these pipes can corrode and the black finish might get a rusty hue.

Signs That You May Have Cast Iron Drainage

If you weren’t able to locate the pipes, then you should start paying more attention to the signs your drainage may need repairing. For example, if you have frequent leaks, then that might be a sign that the sulfuric acid in the cast iron pipes might have damaged them. If you notice yellowish water running from your taps, then it may be because of the corrosion in the pipes. Even some more subtle signs, such as a lush garden can be an indication of iron cast plumbing. If you didn’t do any recent improvements to your garden, but your grass and flowers look better than ever, there might be a leak. Sewage is an excellent fertilizer and the possible reason your garden looks so nice.

Call the Experts

If you suspect that you may have cast iron drainage, but don’t want to drill through your floors to find out, then our experts at Anytime Plumbing Santa Cruz plumbers can help. We use state-of-the-art technology to run a non-invasive inspection and determine whether your plumbing is made of cast iron or PVC. We can also identify any potential issue and come up with sensible solutions.

If you are dealing with an urgent plumbing problem, you can call us at any time, whether it’s the weekend or the middle of the night.

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