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18 Jan

What Is Pipe Leak Tape, And How Does It Work?

You don’t have to call the plumbers every time you notice a minor problem with your system. You can easily take care of minor leaks, for example, by using special plumber’s tape, also known as pipe thread seal tape, teflon tape, or PTFE tape. Another type of pipe leak tape is silicone-based and it is just as useful for plumbers and homeowners.

These two types of leak tape can be used for all sorts of minor repairs and improvements, as we will explain below.

Thread Seal Tape

This type of tape creates a waterproof seal to the pipes you apply it on. It will obviously be very useful when it comes to fixing minor leaks, but it can also be used as a lubricant when you’re connecting pipes, creating joints, and so on. Use the teflon tape on the thread of the pipe before you tighten them together. This will lubricate the two ends of the pipes and create a water-tight seal to the connection.

Silicone Tape

Silicone tape is also known as self-amalgamating or self-fusing tape, because it sticks to itself, creating a seal when you use it properly.

How to Choose the Right Type of Tape for Your Leak?

It’s very simple: thread leaks will need thread seal tape, while fracture leaks need silicone tape.

If your leak is coming from a joint or two connecting pipes, silicone tape is not going to be effective. Instead, use the thread seal tape to tighten and water-proof the joint. Just disconnect the two pipes, apply the tape to the thread, and connect the pipes again. Your leak should be solved just like that.

A fracture leak comes from a crack in the pipe, whether it’s a visible hole in it or a barely noticeable hairline crack. If your pipe is not too damaged, silicone tape can fix it fast and easily. You just have to apply multiple layers, as tightly as you can, by overlapping them. This creates a seal, as silicone tape sticks to itself and becomes an effective temporary seal while you are preparing a permanent solution.

Final Thoughts

Thread seal tape and silicone tape should always be present in your home, as they are extremely easy to use and practical in case you have a minor leak. They can prevent further damage to your bathroom and prevent water waste as you call a plumber.

In conclusion, leak tape can be very useful, but you need to correctly assess its efficiency and ask for help in case the tape is not enough. If you have used silicone tape for a leak, don’t settle with that as a permanent solution, it won’t last forever. In this case, it’s better to call a team of professional plumbers, such as the ones at Anytime Plumbing, to investigate the problem and find the right solution.

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