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07 Jun

What Acid Do Plumbers Use to Unclog Drains

A sink that’s not draining or a toilet that doesn’t flush can be very annoying. Drain clogs can happen often, especially if you’re not careful what you are putting down the drain. Whether it’s scrap food or organic residue, it can accumulate in time and prevent water from draining properly.

Luckily, clogged drains are most often a minor problem and can be solved easily, even with a little DIY.

Most often, when you research how to unclog your drain yourself, vinegar is mentioned. Other articles mention Cola drinks as an effective solution to clogged drains. These are, indeed, acids that can dissolve the gunk blocking your drain and get rid of the problem, as long as the clog is relatively recent or not too stubborn.

But, what about harder to dissolve clogs? How do plumbers usually deal with these nasty build-ups that keep your drain from functioning? Here is what acid a plumber might use to get rid of your problem for you.

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid, is the most common acid used by plumbers to unclog drains. Although this component can be found even in your own stomach, as part of the digestive acids, its pure concentrated form can only be purchased from certain stores if you carry a plumber’s license.

Muriatic acid is a strong acid that can cause serious injuries if used improperly or mixed with other chemicals. If you decide to apply this method to solve your clogged drains, be very careful when handling it, wear protective gear (gloves, long sleeves, glasses, and so on), and never mix it with other chemicals.

It might be best to dilute the hydrochloric acid with water to avoid corrosion to the pipes, which can happen especially if your plumbing system is old or already damaged.

Should You Use Hydrochloric Acid at Home?

Even though it’s the most commonly used substance to unclog drains and pipes, it’s not advisable to use it on your own if you don’t have plumbing experience. Such acids can be dangerous to your health and they can actually damage your pipes if they interact with them chemically.

Instead, use safer methods like white vinegar and sodium bicarbonate, a drain snake, or a plunger. If your drain doesn’t clear up using these safe DIY methods, call a plumber.

Your plumber might not use muriatic acid at all if they suspect that it might inflict damage on the pipes. Instead, plumbers rely on specialized tools like electric drain snakes, pipe cameras, high-pressure water cleaners, and other tools you might not have in your home.

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