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19 Oct

Water Treatment and Purification Services

It’s very important to ensure that your household water supply is safe and sanitary when you’re bathing or showering in it, drinking it, or washing your clothes.  At Anytime Plumbing, we specialize in water treatment and purification services throughout Santa Cruz County.  This should be a regular component of your plumbing system’s preventative maintenance plan if it isn’t already.  Even if it’s safe to use, you may find out that it contains excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium, minerals that cause hard water. While this may not affect you and your family, it can damage your plumbing system and affect its performance.

What are the disadvantages of hard water mineral build-up?

If you’ve recently noticed a build-up of mineral deposits in your shower, sinks, or toilets, it may be time to consider contacting Anytime Plumbing to discuss installing a newer, upgraded water treatment and purification system.  We can recommend a system that is right for you and your family as well as one that will extend the lifespan of your plumbing system.  Here are the disadvantages of mineral build-up:

  • Build-up in your water line – as mineral deposits accumulate in your pipes, your plumbing system operates increasingly less efficiently.  A water softening and filtration system can prevent this build-up from occurring.
  • Detergent and soap problems – hard water prevents detergents and soaps from dissolving effectively which can make doing your laundry, household chores, and taking a shower difficult.
  • Water spots on dishes and glassware – if your dishes and glasses appear to have permanent water spots, a water treatment and purification system can dissolve soap and detergent scum and get rid of those spots in the process.

As your plumbing specialists, we can provide a state-of-the-art system that will reduce the amount of chlorine in your water while at the same time eliminating chemicals and other pollutants in your home’s water supply.

Why should you install one of these systems?

There are several reasons to consider having a water treatment and purification system installed.  Regardless of the type you choose, they all have certain benefits that are well worth mentioning.  Having this type of system will fix the smell and taste of your water while at the same time providing the following benefits:

  • It can minimize the frequency of aggravating skin conditions
  • It can reduce your plumbing repair bills
  • It enhances disaster preparedness measures
  • It will help you save money because you won’t need to buy bottled water
  • You’ll be protecting your household environment.
  • You’ll have safer drinking water.
  • You’ll reduce your risk of consuming microscopic parasites, a cause of gastrointestinal disease
  • You’ll save on dish detergents, shampoos, and soaps
  • Your clothes will be free of mineral deposits and soap scum
  • Your drinking water will taste better

Once you begin to enjoy the benefits of a water treatment and purification system installed by Anytime Plumbing, you’ll probably be wondering why you waited so long to do this. And if you are looking to get a replacement system fitted, our team of plumbers are efficient at professional installation and maintenance.

How many types of water treatment and purification systems do we offer?

Since no two households and their water needs are alike, neither are the different types of two systems that we install.    Most systems are customizable and can be tailored to fit the needs of your household.  We can install, service, and repair your water softening and filtration system or replace your current system if it’s seen its better days.  Here are the different systems we offer:

  • activated carbon systems (carbon block systems)
  • distillation systems
  • ion exchange resin filters
  • reverse osmosis filtration systems
  • ultraviolet disinfection systems

At Anytime Plumbing, our water treatment and purification specialists can find the right system for your home based on you and your family’s unique needs.  Furthermore, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. With decades of experience in all aspects of plumbing industry, call us anytime for installation, repair or replacements requirements.

How much do these systems cost?

This depends on the needs of your household and the type of system that you choose.  We will be more than happy to discuss the different factors that can influence the cost of your system with you.  The average cost of these systems is roughly $1,830 and the average range is between $875 and $2,785.  These systems could run as little as $200 to $250 on the low-end and up to $4,600 on the high-end.

For additional information regarding a water treatment and purification system that is right for your household, please contact Anytime Plumbing when convenient. For emergency plumbing requirements, we are available 24/7 to assist you. Call us today and let’s help you get the water treatment and purification system working properly.

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