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02 Sep

How To Fix A Leaking Shower Pan

A leaking shower pan can lead to a number of other problems when water is accumulating where it’s not supposed to be. If you notice that the water in your shower is not directed into the drainage system as it should be, check if the shower pan is working properly and try to spot any leaks that might come from it.

The shower pan is the part of your shower covering the floor, and it’s designed to insulate and direct the water easily into the drain. It’s usually made of layers of suitable materials, like tile, plastic, rubber, or ceramic, and it’s tilted towards the drain so that no water is pooling on the shower floor.

Possible Causes of Shower Pan Leaks

There are several possible causes for a leaking shower pan, and these are the most common:

  1. Your Shower Pan Is Simply Old

Normal wear and tear can cause leakage in your shower pan area. If you know that the shower pan was installed a long time ago, consider replacing it altogether, as fixes will only be temporary from this moment on.

  1. The Shower Pan Moved out of Its Place

Shower pans are not meant to move in any way, as they are installed at certain angles and positions, to only direct water into the drain, and not let it go through the shower pan. This problem is especially common for plastic shower pans, so consider replacing them with a heavier material in the near future.

  1. Clogged or Defective Drainage

If the drain itself doesn’t collect the water as it should, excess water will infiltrate in between the shower pan and the floor beneath, causing water damage.

  1. Deflection

Deflection means that the shower pan will sink in when you step on it, which is something that shouldnät happen in any way. This might be a sign that water already did some damage beneath.

How to Fix a Leaking Shower Pan

  • Seal the Shower Pan

Apply sealer to the shower pan so that it doesn’t let water through anymore. This is a relatively cheap solution and you are lucky if this simple solution is enough to solve your leaking problem.

  • Apply New Grout

Similarly, if you replace the grout on your shower pan completely, your problem might go away.

  • Replace the Pan Liner

Replacing the pan liner should be done after assessing the water damage properly, making sure everything is dealt with before you replace the liner.

Get Expert Help

For all these operations, it’s highly recommended to call a specialist. An expert plumbing contractor will be able to install a new pan or repair the existing one so that it does its job perfectly. Diagnosing and repairing a shower pan should be done by someone with experience, as shower pan leaks are not so easy to diagnose.

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