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02 Feb

How Long Does It Take to Install a Sink?

Before diving head first into a home improvement project, you may want to know how much time it’s going to take to complete. Whether you want to know the level of commitment it’s going to take or you’re trying to budget for professional labor costs, we’re here to help! So, if you’re considering installing a new sink, how long does it take?

The amount of time it takes to install a sink – whether it’s a kitchen sink or bathroom sink – depends on several factors. Assuming that the vanity is prepared and the plumbing is already roughed in, it’ll take a homeowner between 2 and 6 hours to install a sink. The actual time depends on their skill level. A professional plumber can install a sink in just under 2 hours. However, it can take the plumber up to 4 hours if the plumbing isn’t already installed. 

Replacing a sink with an exact replica is a relatively straightforward task that doesn’t take very much time. Though, this doesn’t always happen, as homeowners typically want to change both the style and size of the sink. The time required to execute the necessary renovations to accommodate the new sink can be difficult to predict.

Simple Retrofits

If your sink is damaged, swapping it out for a similar one that fits the same vanity cutout will typically take no longer than half a day – or approximately four to five hours – for the average homeowner. This job involves detaching all of the faucet connections and the P-trap, then disconnecting the old sink connectors and removing it.

After cleaning up any old caulk and relocating the faucet to the new sink, new caulk is applied around the opening before the new sink is dropped in. The job is then completed by connecting the P-trap and hooking up the faucet.

Significant Modifications

Any modification that needs to be made in order to fit a different type of sink than the old one will add time to the project. Depending on the situation, you may have to alter the cutout in the countertop or cabinet, or remove the cabinet completely if you want to install a pedestal sink. Adjusting the positioning of the sink can throw the wall drain or the tailpiece out of alignment. This will require additional work and time to install a new P-trap.

How to Install a New Bathroom Sink

Oftentimes, installing a new bathroom sink can be done by the average homeowner. While the project is going to take longer to complete than if a professional were handling it, it can save you some money. If you are replacing an existing sink, there will be some preparation work involved before the installation can begin. You may need to modify the countertop or adjusting piping, depending on the new sink.

There are two main types of bathroom sinks (undermount sinks and drop-in sinks), each with a slightly different installation method. Let’s explore the procedure for each:

Installing an Undermount Sink

  • Position your sink under the vanity and apply a bead of 100% silicone along the top edge of the sink.
  • Lay a piece of 2×4 lumber along the top of the vanity and another under the sink to protect it from damage.
  • Place one end of the bar clamp through the drain and tighten it so it holds the sink in position.
  • Clean up the excess silicone and let the remaining cure for 24 hours before you remove the clamp
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the drain and faucet.
  • Attach the water supply valves and P-trap, using plumber’s tape on the threads of each connection.
  • Turn the water on and look out for any potential leaks.

Installing a Drop-In Sink

  • Consult the manufacturer’s instructions to install the drain and faucet on the new sink.
  • Apply a bead of silicone around the bottom edge of the new sink to provide a waterproof seal and keep the sink in place.
  • Position the sink, centering it accordingly. If there are clips included with the new sink, install these under the sink
  • Clean up excess silicone with mineral spirits and connect the drain to the P-trap, tightening it securely with a pipe wrench.
  • Install plumber’s tape around the threads of the water line connectors to ensure a waterproof seal. Then, hook up the water supply lines.
  • Let the silicone cure before turning on the water to check for leaks.

Your Sink Installer

Although installing a sink isn’t incredibly time intensive, hiring a professional Santa Cruz plumber for the job is a convenient choice. Whether you need a new sink installed in your home, or you’re planning a plumbing upgrade, call Anytime Plumbing today! Our experienced plumbers are well-versed in the installation processes of all the major manufacturers of residential plumbing equipment.

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