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22 Mar

Does Your Basement Smell Like A Sewer? Top Reasons Why It Might

Sewer smells are one of the most unpleasant odors around, and nobody wants this kind of scent to radiate from anywhere inside their homes.

Even if initially located in the basement, the sewer smell can quickly travel to other areas of your home as well, and make things very unpleasant. But, the bad smell isn’t the only thing to worry about. If you notice these smells, don’t ignore them, because they won’t go away on their own: sewer smell coming from your basement is usually a sign something bigger’s going on.

Here are the top 4 reasons your basement smells like a sewer:

1. Floor Drains Issues

Even if your floor drains located in the basement are rarely used, they have a pretty important job: to drain the basement in case of a flood. These drains usually hold only a small amount of water and seal the pipe so that sewer gas doesn’t get inside the home. And for the most part, it works perfectly.

Until it doesn’t. If that seal starts to try, the smell takes over the basement. Seals that were not installed properly can also lead to this problem, similarly to how an improper seal around a toilet drain can begin to leak and smell.

2. Problems with the Ejector Pump

Laundry rooms or bathrooms in the basement need something extra to pump out wastewater, which is usually the job of an ejector pump. If this pump is damaged, such as it’s been cracked or clogged, then that could explain why your basement smells like a sewer.

3. Little to No Ventilation

Some basement ventilation systems are not tied to the overall home ventilation, which means smells from the basement have nowhere to go except inside the home. This is often the case with basements that are made after the overall house construction is complete.

Additionally, poor ventilation can lead to smells generated in other rooms to go into the basement, to the problem itself may not start from down under to begin with!

4. Sewer Line Damage

This is the worst-case scenario that usually ends up costing homeowners a lot, but damaged sewer lines can allow these awful smells to go inside your basement. If you have ruled out any other possible cause, then you need to contact a plumber right away to inspect your sewer lines for any clogs or damages.

If spotted fast, you can quickly address the issue and prevent a high bill down the road. The smell will completely go away too.

We Can Help You Figure It Out

If you’re still not sure why your basement is full of that awful sewer smell, or have identified the problem and just need help taking care of it, we at Anytime Plumbing Inc. would be happy to help you take care of this problem for good.

Sewer odor creates an awful environment to live in. It’s not just unpleasant, but sewer odor can also carry some rather dangerous bacteria, so addressing this problem promptly is essential. No matter what day you notice the smell, or at what hour, our team of dedicated Santa Cruz plumbers will stop by to inspect your basement and get to the bottom of things.

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