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17 Mar

Can Water Filters Make Me Healthier?

The water you consume and use every day has more impact on your health than you can imagine. The quality of the water we have in our homes is often something we take for granted, thinking it’s good enough since water sources are regulated closely by municipalities.

But making healthier life choices often means that we have to proactively invest in some measures we can take to improve the food that we eat, the water we consume and use, the air quality in our homes. Essential things that will dictate how healthy we are and how good we feel on a daily basis.

With this in mind, let’s look into the health benefits of using water that’s purified and processed by water filters installed in your home.

Why Are Water Filters Needed in the First Place?

Going back to the general assumption that our tap water is safe to use and consume, unfortunately, you might be surprised that it’s not like that. Even if tap water is drastically tested and purified in a water plant, it still travels through pipes that are sometimes damaged, contaminated, or old.

By the time it reaches your faucet, your tap water might already have picked up contaminants and debris that will not be good for you.

Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

When using a water filter, you make sure that the water you will consume, use for cooking, and countless other activities and tasks around the house will be free of harmful contaminants. Here are some of the main benefits of filtering your water.

  • Lower Risk of Cancer

Certain compounds that may be found in your tap water are carcinogenic, like arsenic. Eliminate that risk by installing a water filter.

  • Better Taste and Smell of the Water

The first thing you notice after installing a water filter is that your water tastes and smells better. This improves the quality of the food you cook and the water you drink every day.

  • Removing Bacteria from the Water

Certain bacteria can cause gastrointestinal problems that are dangerous for pregnant women, the elderly, young children, and people with certain health conditions. Stay free of harmful bacteria by filtering your water.

  • Water Is Free from Pollutants

Toxins present in the water will harm your health in the long-term and you might notice its effects once the contamination is already dangerous. Get rid of pollutants in water with the help of filters that remove most impurities from it.

  • Filtered Water Eliminates the Need for Bottled Water

The alternative to tap water, for many families, is consuming bottled water. When comparing bottled water with filtered water, the latter is shown to have more health benefits. Getting rid of the need to buy bottled water is also good for the environment, drastically reducing the amount of plastic trash we produce.


Installing a water filtering system is not only cost-efficient, but it has important benefits for our overall health. Having an endless supply of pure water, without having to buy bottled water, encourages you to stay hydrated and promotes a healthy lifestyle fit for every member of your family.

If you want to find out what water filtering system would be best for your home, contact Anytime Plumbing for more information.

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