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    Radiant Heating Services | Anytime Plumbing

    Radiant heating is a method of heating a home or business using panels that are placed in the floor or wall (and sometimes, ceiling). Radiant heating systems are most commonly found in areas that experience a lot of traffic such as the bathroom, where a good radiant floor heating system can efficiently heat up the small area through the floor.

    Installing an electric radiant heating system can be a good idea for a number of reasons. First is that it heats a specific area or room, which means that it heats up quicker than it would with a furnace or standard heater. Additionally, radiant heating is a very energy efficient method compared to other options, not to mention the fact that it’s typically easier on those with allergies. Older heating units tend to rely heavily on vents to circulate the air, which is worse for air quality and the cost of your energy bill.

    Another benefit is that radiant heating is virtually noiseless, especially when compared to the loud and bulky heaters that are found in most homes and offices. If you own or operate a business that requires only occasional heating (perhaps during business hours), radiant heating is a great option that will provide savings for years to come. In terms of cost-effectiveness, most people experience a 15% to 30% savings after switching to a radiant heating system.

    Radiant Heating System Repair & Installation

    The two main services we provide in line with radiant heating are repair and installation. Most systems are pretty self-regulating and don’t require much maintenance, but when they do, we’ll be there to help! Whether it’s for a residential or commercial property, we have an affordable solution that will work for you.

    Repair – When something goes wrong with a radiant heating system, it’s not as easy of a fix as a standard heater. This is mainly because the heating units (generally coils) are housed either below the floor or in the walls, making them more difficult to get to. While there are some simple fixes, it’s important to contact a professional if you feel there’s a serious issue.

    Installation – While there are plenty of resources available online to help with installation if you’re doing it yourself, you should not attempt it on your own unless you have the expertise to do it yourself, or will be working with someone who does.

    Anytime Plumbing is based out of Santa Cruz County and offers radiant heating installation and repair in Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville and Scotts Valley.
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