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    Hydro Jetting & Drain Cleaning Services

    Hydro jetting is a method of clearing out a plumbing pipe, similar to snaking or rooting, but more thorough and in some ways, potentially better for the lifespan of the plumbing system. Rather than use a physical tool to clear a drain, hydro jetting uses a concentrated, high-powered blast of water pressure to clear out debris and clogs from the drain. One advantage of hydro jetting over other methods of drain cleaning is that it also clears the walls of the pipes, removing grease, hair and other residue that builds up over time and can cause blockages or corrosion.

    Most of our clients consider hydro jetting as a solution if other approaches don’t work, or they simply feel that it’s just a better option to begin with. There is some reasoning behind that line of thinking. Caustic drain cleaners can cause damage to pipes, especially if they don’t actually clear out the issue that’s causing the pipe to back up or drain slowly. Snaking can work for more serious drain issues, but they don’t do as thorough of a job of clearing the entire backup. as well as deposits on the sides of the pipe.

    It’s true that hydro jetting can cost more than the other options, just as having a drain snaked costs more than a store-bought product. When viewed in the long run, however, hydro jetting can be very cost-effective. Because it is such an efficient way to clear out and clean, it prevents other issues from cropping up, as well as making future maintenance easier.

    Hydro Jetting To Clear Sewer Lines & Drains

    Drain clearing – Hydro jetting is one of the best ways to clear out a clogged drain or pipe. Chemical solutions, while effective to some degree, don’t always work as well as needed, and in some cases can cause deposits and damages to pipes. Snaking a drain is another option that’s often used by plumbers in Santa Cruz, and though it works, it is not as efficient or thorough as hydro jetting. Rather than using a physical rooter to clear a drain like a plumbing snake, hydro jetting uses a high-powered blast of water to clear the obstruction.

    Sewer lines – Sewer lines are another good candidate for hydrojetting, especially if you’ve tried other methods without success. Hydro jetting is an ideal solution for clogged sewer lines because it is less invasive than using a mechanical rooter, which can sometimes require digging up a portion of your yard to access the line.

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