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    Welcome to Anytime Plumbing, a premier plumber and hot water heater technician serving the Central Coast! We have more than 20 years of experience, serving local and residential customers, ranging from service and repair to replacement and installation!
    Gas Hot Water Heaters – Gas water heaters tend to cost slightly more than electric water heaters, though they do provide savings in the long run. These are the most popular type of water heater and the kind you’ll find in most homes. The energy savings can be substantial over time, with gas water heaters using less energy than electric heaters.
    Electric Hot Water Heaters – As mentioned above, electric hot water heaters come with less of an initial cost, though they cost slightly more to operate over their lifespan. Electric water heaters are also easier to install since no piping or venting are required. They are also considered to be generally safer since there is no potential of a gas or fluid leak.
    Tankless Hot Water Heaters – Tankless water heaters operate slightly different than other types. Rather than keeping the water hot for when it’s needed, a tankless water heater provides it as needed, thanks to a set of heating coils in the unit. While more efficient than its counterparts, there is a limit to how much hot water is available at one time. Because of this, tankless water heaters are best suited to homes that have minimal hot water needs.

    Potential Problems With Water Heaters

    Like many plumbing problems, you may not even think about your water heater until there’s an issue. Often times, problems that arise become worse with time so it’s important to diagnose anything you think may be causing trouble. Hard water can be particularly rough on the life of a water heater since it causes sediment to build up over time and reduce its efficiency.
    Since water heaters contribute to about 20 percent of a home’s total energy usage, it can be an important cost-saving measure to keep it running efficiently and correctly. Things that can indicate a problem with a hot water heater are a sour smell, discolored water, our loud plumbing knocks.
    Leaks are another major concern for water heaters since they can cause damage to floors, walls, even the foundation of a home. If you suspect you have a leak or a water heater that is functioning at less than full capacity, don’t hesitate to call a professional! It’ll likely save you time and money in the long run.
    These are some of our core water heater services we provide locally:

    If you have an issue that’s not listed here, give us a call! We handle just about any problem that could arise and we’re happy to help you figure out the issue and come up with an affordable solution.

    Anytime Plumbing offers professional water heater repair, replacement, & installation throughout Santa Cruz County. Our service area covers Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville and Scotts Valley.
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