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    Leaking Water Pipes | Detection, Replacement & Repair

    Leaking water pipes can cause a whole host of issues in the home, from excess water usage to “behind the scenes” damage to the foundation and structure of a home or business. In many cases, especially if detected early, a leaking water pipe can be fixed quickly and affordably. When left unattended, however, it can quickly spread, waterlogging floors, facilitating mold growth, and potentially do damage well beyond what is visible to the naked eye.

    Over time, pipes can corrode, get mineral deposits, or in a worst case scenario, completely burst. The quicker that these issues are detected, the easier (and typically, cheaper) they are to fix. With that in mind, here are some ways to check for leaks in your home to help minimize damage and water waste caused by leaking water pipes

    Leak detection – One of the easiest tells that you may have a leak is an increase in your water bill. This usually signals a leaky pipe somewhere on the premises, though it can also be caused by a leaking water heater. These are leaks that are easy to visually detect, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on your usage.

    Other leaks may not be as easy to find, in which case an increase in your water bill may be the only indicator you get that you have a leak. These hidden leaks are the ones that can cause the most damage, especially if they’re given time to spread, propagate mold growth, and do serious damage.

    Another easy way to tell if you have a leak is that water spots or air bubbles form on the wall or ceiling. These are not only unsightly, but could also signal a serious leakage problem. For other leaks that are not as easy to detect, we have special equipment and highly trained experts to handle the job. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you think you may have a water pipe leak!

    Preventing & Stopping Leaks In The Home

    We have several methods for detecting and fixing leaks, some more in-depth than others. In addition to using plumbing contractors with years of experience, we also use special equipment to pinpoint leaks that might not be immediately apparent. If you’re concerned about water usage or potential damage, we are here to help! These are the primary leak issues that our clients are most frequently faced with, all of which we address with expert care and professionalism.

    Anytime Plumbing offers leaking water pipe detection and repair services throughout Santa Cruz County, including Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville and Scotts Valley!

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