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Top Rated Felton Radiant Heating System Repair & Installation Services

Enjoy a warmer, more efficient heating option in your home or office with the use of Felton radiant heating. This is a heating that is installed in the walls, ceiling or more commonly in the floors of the space. It is installed in smaller, high traffic areas such as the bathroom, mudroom, office space or other areas that are used often. These smaller spaces become warm quicker with the use of radiant heating, while also providing the space with additional benefits.

Benefits of radiant heating are in abundance. Not only will you have even heating that comes into the space, but it is more efficient and effective at heating the space. It will cost you less to heat this way than other means. On average, it was found that radiant heating can save anywhere between 15 to 30% in heating bills.

Another benefit that you gain with radiant heating is that it is constant, but never loud. It is virtually quiet when it is running. It does not use a forced air system to send the heat throughout the home, which reduces the amount of dust and allergens that are released into the air. This allows everyone in the office or household to breathe better.

Installation and Repairs Come with Radiant Heating

Our company provides both installation and repair services for those seeking radiant heating services. We recommend that both services are only done through a professional. The system can have a lot go wrong with it if you do not choose a company over an individual, or someone that is knowledgeable on radiant heating.

Our installations process provides a high-quality specialist that comes in the home and assesses it. They can recommend the best system to use, as well as where the system should be placed. Additionally, you should never have someone that is not knowledgeable in these systems to come out and install them. This might void the warranty.

We also provide Repairs when you think something is wrong with the system. It may be something as easy as replacing a coil inside the unit that has gone bad to completely replacing many of the coils inside the unit. A professional can come out and assess the issue, while also repairing it to provide you with the efficient heat you love.

Give us a call today if you have questions or would like us to come out and install a new radiant heating system in your home. We service Felton and surrounding areas. Ask us about our specials!

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