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25 May

Why Won’t My Toilet Flush?

A toilet not flushing properly is quite a nuisance for a homeowner. The causes for this can vary, and it’s important to know the basics of how your flushing system works in order to correctly identify the culprit.

In this article, we will list some of the most common reasons for your toilet not flushing correctly, and give you the information needed to make a fast decision and get it back to working properly.

Causes for Toilets Not Flushing Properly

  1. Water Level Is Too Low

If the water level in the tank is too low, the water that flushes is not enough to direct all the waste in the sewer system. A simple adjustment of the level should solve this simple problem. If you are not sure where to put the level, you can check for a mark made by the manufacturer of the tank, that shows how much water it’s designed to flush.

  1. You Have Problems With Your Flapper

The flapper is a rubber seal that covers the hole where the water flows into the toilet when you flush. If that seal doesn’t do its job properly, whether it’s corroded or broken, water will leak from the tank and there won’t be enough left for a proper flush.

  1. A Clog or Deposit in the Draining System

Sometimes, the culprit is not located above the toilet, but below, in the draining pipes. Toilets have U-shaped segments of pipes that hold a certain amount of water. The shape prevents sewer gases from getting into your home, but it can also lead to clogs, especially if you tend to flush the wrong things down the toilet. If you suspect a clog in your toilet, use a toilet plunger or call a Santa Cruz plumbing professional.

  1. Inlet Holes Are Blocked by Deposits

Inlet holes are the holes through which water flows into the toilet on the sides, from under its rim. If these holes are clogged by mineral deposits or other substances, you won’t get the proper water flow. Check if the water flows on the sides or not, and if you suspect clogs, use acid cleaners to uncover the inlet holes, or call a plumber who can apply the right method.

Do you need a fast and affordable solution to your flushing problem? It’s best to call a plumber at home, as they can take a look and find the issue immediately, making a plan of action that will get rid of the problem as fast as possible.

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