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23 Jul

What Is the Latest Trend in Kitchen Sinks? (2021)

One of the most industrious features in a kitchen, both in terms of function and style, is your kitchen sink. Over the years, kitchen sinks have come quite a long way and are now available in a wide array of materials, shapes, and sizes. Not to mention, you have the option to choose from a plethora of sink accessories – including colanders, drying racks, cutting boards, utensil holders, and much more.

To optimize space and make room for large pots and pans, many homeowners are opting for sizeable single-basin kitchen sinks over conventional double sinks. Though, this isn’t the only trend that we’re seeing in kitchen sinks for 2021. Stainless steel has long been a very popular material for kitchen sinks. The latest trends see that stainless steel will continue to dominate, with white following closely behind. Meanwhile, single bowls will persist, but farmhouse, or apron-front, sinks won’t be that far behind.

That said, here is just a taste of the latest design trends in kitchen sinks that you’re likely going to be seeing a bit more of this year and into the next.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

As the name suggests, undermount sinks are installed below the countertop. They offer a seamless look and make countertop cleanup a breeze. Though, this type of kitchen sink can only be paired with solid-surface countertops – like marble, granite, composite, or quartz.

Fortunately, we’re seeing manufacturers offering new accessories for existing undermount kitchen sinks. These new accessories include extra configurations for washing, prepping, and drying – all at the convenience of your kitchen sink. More on this below.

Work Station Kitchen Sinks

Also referred to as a prep station sink, work station sinks feature sliding components and inserts such as drying racks, shelves, cutting boards, bins, colanders, knife holders, and more. With this kitchen sink trend, everything can be prepared right at the sink. Specially designed racks or trays offer the ability to raise the height of the sink to accommodate everyone.

Not to mention, the addition of a rack keeps the base of pots and vases dry when you’re filling them up with water, keeps the bottom of the sink protected from scratches, and eradicates that irritating clanging noise when pots and pans hit a stainless-steel sink basin. 

Integrated Kitchen Sinks

Integrated kitchen sinks are created out of materials that match the countertops, meaning they are essentially built directly into the countertop. These types of sinks offer the ultimate seamless look, as though the entire sink was carved out of one large block of granite, marble, quartz, or some other solid-surface material. Like undermount sinks, they also create an effortless transition that makes for easy cleanup.

With this trend, we’re seeing new colors and patterns being offered from quartz manufacturers – providing more customization for your integrated kitchen sink.

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are a persisting trend, often associated with transitional and traditional style kitchens. They typically feature an apron front with rounded corners. Though, this year, we’re seeing new silhouettes offered by manufacturers that are more ideal for modern and contemporary designs.

Some feature a more rectangular shape, with thinner walls and squared-off edges. Meanwhile, other farmhouse sinks are designed with an extra-large basin that angles outward past the cabinet. This design adds unique lines to a kitchen, while also allowing the sink to pair more modern and contemporary styles. Not to mention, the extra-large basin adds function with some being big enough to bathe a baby.

More Colors & Materials

While stainless steel and ceramic, or fireclay, have ruled as the go-tos for kitchen sink materials, homeowners are starting to become more familiar with other options. To give your kitchen a more unique appearance, consider opting for an apron sink made out of bamboo. Although unconventional, these sinks provide an exotic look, are made with safe binding adhesives, and feature a water-resistant topcoat.

Manufacturers are also now offering an array of colors for many different sink styles – the options are truly endless!

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