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26 Jan

Steps to Take to Make Your Pipes Last Longer

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?”

That’s how the lyrics from Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” go.

We’re all guilty of this and tend to take some of the most important things in our lives for granted – our friends and family, food, and water, our time.

Take your pipes as an example. Your pipes are working hard every day, but you don’t realize it until something goes wrong.

Now, we’re not claiming that you can make your pipes last for longer, but these tips will help you prolong their lifespan.

Avoid Pouring Chemical Cleaners Down Your Pipe

What’s the first thing you do when you notice there’s a problem with your plumbing? Most probably, you reach for a bottle of chemical cleaners to unclog the drain. While this solution is simple and effective, the fact of the matter is that a chemical cleaner will not only break up stubborn clogs but erode your pipes too. If you use these solvents regularly, you will notice in time that your metal pipes will erode or get leaky while your PVC pipes will get softer.

Don’t Ignore Small Water Leaks

A lot of homeowners think that a small water leak can’t cause any significant damage, so they are rarely in a hurry to fix it. But, if there’s a pressure build-up because a large volume of water is leaking through a small tear in the plumbing system, then your pipes might burst, causing further damage to your floors, walls, and furniture. Even if they don’t burst, leaks wear your pipes out, causing expensive repairs down the line.

Check the Water Pressure

The reason you can turn the bathroom faucets on and wash your hands has to do with water pressure and flow. But, high water pressure can wear out your pipes faster than normal. And, if the water is also hard, then it can take away years from your plumbing system.

We recommend installing a water pressure gauge so that you can always check the value and make the necessary adjustments.

Clean Your Drain Regularly

The more residue builds up inside your pipes, the more they have to work to move water around. And, the more your pipes have to work, the higher the chances that a problem will appear down the line, like wear or a leak.

Call a plumbing service and have your pipes professionally cleaned at least once a year. They use sophisticated tools to check the health of your pipes and remove any residue safely and effectively.

Over to You

You may not realize it, but your plumbing system works hard every day. Don’t wait until something gets wrong to check your pipes. By taking care of your plumbing system, you can prolong its life and avoid costly expenses.

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