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28 Jun

Santa Cruz Floor Drain Maintenance Tips

Modern Santa Cruz homes come with floor drains in the basement and showers, as well as other areas of your home.

For the most part, people usually pay attention to them when they notice something’s wrong, such as a drain clog or blockage that prevents the water from being properly drained from your shower. With the right approach, however, you can prevent these floor drain annoyances from disturbing the harmony inside your hope.

Here are Anytime Plumbing Inc.’s top Santa Cruz floor drain maintenance tips:

1. Have a Schedule

You don’t need to inspect your floor drain every single day, but you also don’t want to give it attention only when something happens.

There is a middle ground you can have here. You can check your floor drains once every 2-3 months to see if there are any big clogs forming, especially the drains that are more commonly used. You can also have them professionally inspected from time to time if you really want to be diligent with this task.

2. Be Careful What You Let Go Down the Drain

Don’t tread your floor drains like a form of garbage disposal. Clogs are formed by accumulating soap, hair, dirt, and other debris that flushes with the water, so the more you prevent this debris from going down the drain, the fewer problems you might experience.

For instance, if you want to quickly wash your muddy shoes in the shower, gently scrape any debris from them into the trash, and leave just a thin layer of mud that can be easily rinsed with the water from your shower.

3. Remove Shallow Clogs the Moment You Spot Them

If you look down the drain and see some debris has already accumulated, try to remove it right away. If you wait until more dirt goes down, the clog can get bigger, and it could be a lot harder to remove it on your own.

Again, you don’t have to constantly look down your pipes to look for clogs, but if you’re already cleaning your shower, let’s say, you might as well inspect the floor drain.

4. Fill the Trap Seal

Your floor drain has a trap seal inside designed to prevent odors and gasses from coming inside your home. For it to achieve this, it has to be filled with water, which acts as a barrier for glasses.

Check the trap seal regularly to make sure it’s full. If it’s not, pour water down the drain to fill it up. This is usually a problem for floor drains that aren’t used every day.

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