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30 Jun

Santa Cruz Drain Valve Pipe Replacement

You’ve tried tightening the drain valve pipe, and it didn’t work. Now what?

One thing you could try is to cap it if the leak isn’t too bad, but at one point you might be better off having someone replace the valve pipe completely. At Anytime Plumbing Inc., we are committed to helping all Santa Cruz residents navigate their plumbing needs swiftly and pain-free, so if you’re now in that moment where you need a drain valve pipe replacement, we are the best team to call.

What’s a Drain Valve Pipe and Why Do You Need to Replace It?

A drain valve is a device used to release extra and unwanted liquid or gas from a tank. The valve is usually opened by turning the screw or handle, though modern devices can automatically turn on the valve when the pressure or temperature reaches a certain point.

When the valve is open, the liquid or gas from the storage tank is drained, allowing the water heater or other such modern amenities to function as intended.

But sometimes, the water heater does not function as intended, and the drain valve pipe needs to be replaced. You can notice something’s wrong if the storage tank keeps sending alert signals that have too much liquid or gas, or if you notice leaks coming from the valve.

What a Drain Valve Pipe Replacement Looks Like

It’s important to be very careful with how you replace a drain valve pipe. Misintalling it can cause more harm than good down the line, and you’re always better off calling in a professional to do it.

Usually, a drain valve pipe replacement will follow along these main steps:

  • Turning off the power, water supply, or gas – first, it’s important to make sure the storage tank is not fueled by anything the moment you go in to replace the drain valve pipe. Skipping this step is a huge safety hazard! The tank is then left to cool off before the replacement begins;
  • Draining the tank – then, the tank is left empty before the replacement, to make sure any residual water or gas will not interfere with the process;
  • Replacing drain valve pipe – the old one is removed, and the new and improved one is added to the tank. The valve must be completely closed;
  • Testing – even pros can make mistakes, so it’s essential that any professional you choose to replace your drain valve pipe also sticks around the test if the valve was installed properly. The ‘fuel’ is added back to the tank and monitored to see if any major issues come up.

Anytime Plumbing Inc. is a Phone Call Away

Need a Santa Cruz drain valve pipe replacement? We’re available 24/7! Reach out to our team online, or call us directly at 831-431-6593 and let’s make sure your drain valve is properly replaced.

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