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15 Sep

Plumbing Video Camera Inspection

One of the most innovative ways that the specialists at Anytime Plumbing are able to pinpoint a number of different problems is with a plumbing video camera inspection.  A business or home plumbing problem is never any fun to deal with.  Unfortunately, most individuals haven’t had the proper plumbing training that professionals have undergone and don’t know how to identify and locate the source of the problem.  A video camera inspection enables us to see the entire route of your sewer line as it makes its way to the main city line. This saves us time and helps you get the desired services at affordable prices.

Why would you request this type of inspection?

Aside from the fact that these inspections are very accurate and non-invasive, they are extremely cost-effective when you consider its effectiveness.  While there are several reasons to consider calling Anytime Plumbing for a plumbing video camera inspection, here are the 4 most common ones:

  • Inspecting a previously-owned home – the easiest way to ensure that you won’t be inheriting a major plumbing problem when buying a previously-owned home is to have Anytime Plumbing do a video camera inspection of the system.
  • Inspecting septic systems – we can easily monitor your septic system’s health with a plumbing video camera inspection and let you know if preventative maintenance of any repairs are necessary.
  • Remodeling and renovating inspections – before you start a bathroom remodel or a kitchen renovation project, a video camera inspection will help you determine if your system can handle a new addition and increased waste flow.
  • Retrieval of lost items – people occasionally lose sentimental or valuable items down their drains and while this can be discouraging or seem like a hopeless situation, we can help you find that item while saving you a lot of grief and money at the same time.

Our Santa Cruz plumbing video camera inspection service is the simplest and most affordable way to prevent any costly repairs or emergencies in the future. If you are looking for a quote on your plumbing job, call us now!

What should you expect when an Anytime Plumbing specialist does a video inspection of your plumbing system?

When we show up at your home to perform a video camera inspection of your plumbing system, we use lightweight equipment to view the inside of your pipes.  In most cases, we don’t have to go into your home to do the inspection.  We can access the sewer line from the clean-out valve located outside your house.  Not every home has a clean-out valve.  If this is the case with your home, there may be an additional charge for gaining access to your line.

In most instances, we can add one of these valves to your existing system in case there are any future problems arise.  The Anytime Plumbing specialist that performs the plumbing video camera inspection feeds the camera into the sewer line through the clean-out valve.  If we find a problem, we’ll know exactly how deep into the line it’s located thanks to a homing beacon that is attached to the camera.  Knowing the location of the problem is especially helpful as a pipe replacement is required. Thus, using cutting edge and advanced technological equipment we stay one step ahead of our competitors. Additionally, it helps us save time and ensures our plumbers know exactly what is needed quickly.

How do you benefit from a video camera inspection of your plumbing?

The use of video cameras in the plumbing industry has reduced a significant amount of troubleshooting efforts for our specialists.  Because of the fact that most of a home’s plumbing system is hidden from plain sight, it is often difficult to locate the source of a problem without taking apart any fixtures, pipes, or other plumbing components.  When you contact Anytime Plumbing and schedule a Santa Cruz plumbing video camera inspection, you’ll enjoy the following benefits of doing so:

  • Accurately delivers a view of you plumbing system’s condition
  • Helps to detect leaks early on and save you money on your monthly water bill
  • Identifies potential problems and helps prevent costly repairs
  • No cutting into walls, digging up pipes, or taking apart fixtures (it’s non-invasive)
  • Provides quick and effective solutions so the proper repairs can be made

You’re probably wondering how much a video camera inspection cost.  If you have a clean-out valve located near the foundation of your home and we can access the sewer line easily, the cost will be reasonable.  Conversely, if there isn’t a clean-out valve, it complicates the plumbing video camera inspection procedure and will add to the cost of the procedure.  To learn more about video camera inspections of a home plumbing system, contact Anytime Plumbing at your earliest convenience. Call us today and let’s get started.

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