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20 Apr

How to Shut Off Your Water Main to Fix Leaky Pipes

Picture this:

You are having dinner with your family when you hear a loud noise coming from the bathroom. You rush in and you see that a pipe burst and your bathroom is now flooded with water. You need to act quickly and reduce the damage as much as possible. The best solution right now is to shut off the water main then call a plumber and have him fix or replace the broken pipe.

But, what if you’ve never turned off the water supply in your home before? Well, then you are in the right place! In this article, we will tell you what tools you need and how to shut off your water main to fix a leaky pipe.

Locate the Valve

Unfortunately, there isn’t one exact place where valves are usually located in a home. Depending on how old your house is or where you live, it can be located in several places, such as in the garage, basement, or along the exterior wall facing the street. If you can’t find the water supply valve inside the house or on the exterior wall, then it’s probably next to the water meter outside your fence or in an access panel on the street. If it’s indeed located inside an access panel, then you will need a special tool called a meter key to remove the cover.

Turn the Water Off

Finding the valve is often the most difficult part as a lot of homeowners have never used it before and don’t know where it’s located. But, once you’ve found it, turn it clockwise a few times to shut it off. If it’s a ball valve, then you need to turn the lever clockwise 90 degrees to turn it off. If there are two valves, then it’s best to contact the utility company in your town as one may be for the city.

Empty the Pipes

Turn a sink that’s located on a lower level on, for example, the kitchen sink to empty the pipes and relieve some of the pressure. Make sure to run the taps both on cold and warm water to completely empty the pipes.

What If You Can’t Locate the Main Water Supply Valve?

If for whatever reason you are unable to locate the main water supply valve, then you could turn the water off from the fixture that is not functioning. Most fixtures, such as the toilet, sinks, dishwashers, or refrigerators have individual valves that can be shut off in case of emergency.

Call a Plumber

Once you’ve managed to turn the water off, it’s time to call Anytime Plumbing. We offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing service so you can call us anytime and we will be there as quickly as possible.

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