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17 Feb

How to Pick the Right Faucet for Your Kitchen

A graceful kitchen with a fast running tap, and you’re back to making magic. But, as a great deal of effort is put into keeping the kitchen tidy and welcoming, a considerable amount of attention must be put into picking the right faucet for your kitchen. This is a task that you shouldn’t accomplish in a hurry. Take your time to look for the faucet that serves you best.

This brief guide will help you get the work done fast and clean as you bustle to pick the right faucet for your kitchen.

Steps to picking the right faucet for your kitchen

1.Consider the sink location and plumbing:

It would be best if you were sure about where your sink is located in the kitchen. Many sinks are right below the kitchen window. Faucets, in this case, may have to be mounted on the sink instead of the wall. Also, the length of the faucet’s arc must not restrict the internal kitchen sliders from opening freely. When the sink is located beside a vertical wall, and the plumbing runs through the wall, you can consider picking a wall mount faucet for your kitchen as it fits best.

2.Consider sink size and type:

Kitchen sinks vary, and knowing your sink will help you choose the right faucet that fits. A sink with a double hole can allow a faucet with more than one knob. On the contrary, those with a single hole will require you to be more creative with your choice, especially if you intend to have both warm and cold water served on the same sink via the same faucet.

3.Take a second look at the arc:

Talking about the faucet’s arc specifically now, you need to make sure that your chosen faucets will make it easy for large pots and pans to get in while cleaning up. Higher arcs may accommodate any dish, pot, and pan, but it could be a big pain if the sprayers are inappropriate.

4.Look at the sprayer:

For kitchens, pullout faucets are ideal, but your choices still matter. If you like to have faucets with extended reach, you might want to consider a pulldown faucet to prevent water from splashing out of the sink every time you turn the tap on.

5.The valve. And the valve again:

The valve of your kitchen faucet is important, and you should pay close attention to it. The valves dictate the durability of a faucet, and ceramic valves have proven, over time, to be the best. They can hold steady, drip-free, for an extended period.

6.Choose the style and finish:

The reason why you’re taking the time to make smart choices with your kitchen faucet is that your sink is the center of attraction whenever anyone steps into the kitchen. And the faucet gives it a shine that radiates to the rest of the kitchen.

Choosing a style that fits your personality and the look of your kitchen will go a long way. The finish is what gives it the shine. You can pick any finish from the dull yet admired matte black to the glimmering chrome finish. Whatever fits best with the outlook of the kitchen is a smart choice.

Whether your pick is simplistic or luxurious, it would be best for you to contact a licensed plumber to fix and maintain your kitchen faucets. Anytime Plumbing is an award-winning local plumbing service provider in Santa Cruz with a bias for top-quality service delivery. Nothing can go wrong with us.

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