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Did you know that real estate home inspections only check basic plumbing functions? As long as the water runs from the taps, the toilet flushes, and water goes down, the drains-it passes.
This doesn’t mean that there isn’t something lurking in your drains. For your convenience, Anytime Plumbing offers video inspection and expert analysis.
Don’t let your last question be: How much is NOT getting my drains cleaned going to cost me?

Reasons to Have A Professional Clean Your Drains

Trying to clean your drains yourself may seem like a cost-effective solution at first. We all like to save money, but what if being cost-effective now means spending thousands more later on? Taking that into perspective, hiring a professional now is a cost-effective solution.

Professional Drain Clean Reason #1-Excessive Build-Up

Sometimes drains aren’t as efficient as they were when they were brand new. Over time, the buildup can occur in your pipes. This can be caused by pouring things down the sink, debris from dishes, soap deposits, and other types of water deposits.

When this occurs, you will notice that your pipes don’t drain the water quite like before. Pooling occurs as the water slowly makes its way around obstacles in the pipe.

Bubbles coming up from the pipe is often evidence of this buildup. As the water moves through the pipe, the displaced air goes to the surface to make room for it to drain.

Professional drain cleaning services can help clear all the debris from your pipes. This will make them flow as they did in their youth!

Professional Drain Clean Reason #2-Drain Life

Mineral buildup can cause a scary situation underneath your sink. The minerals can often cause corrosion. Corrosion eats at the pipe structure and can cause leaks.

Hard water is the biggest culprit of mineral deposits in your drain system. Hard water is water that has high mineral content. Evidence of this is:

  • soap scum buildup in your tub or shower
  • white scaling deposits on your faucets
  • mineral residue (white and chalky) on your dishes after washing them
  • dingy-looking whites in the laundry

People who live in areas with hard water will often invest in a water softener.

Soft water is water that has had its minerals altered. The only ion present in soft water is sodium. This makes it unsuitable for drinking.

High pressured washing systems can break up these deposits. If you cut down the deposits, you reduce the possibility of corrosion in the future.

Professional Drain Clean Reason #3-Clog Prevention

Minerals are not the only thing that can cause problems in your drains. Other things can buildup, and when they do, it can completely block water passage.

If you have excessive buildup in your pipes already, clogs are not far behind. Things like hair can cause a small blockage to form. These aren’t always easy to remove.

“Over-the-counter” alternatives for clogs can often cause more harm than good. Pouring the toxic chemicals down your drain can actually cause corrosion. Corrosion causes leaks.

Professional drain cleaning uses methods of clog removal that won’t jeopardize your pipes.

Professional Drain Clean Reason #4-Prevent Long-Term Damage

Water damage is a serious problem. This can occur from water backing up from a clogged drain. It can occur because corrosion has eaten a hole in a pipe. Water damage is expensive but avoidable.

Backflow and overflow can cause damage to floors or other surfaces.

Water damage from a clean water source is bad enough. When drains are full of wastewater, it can be even worse. Bacteria collects in stagnant water so this might be quite unhealthy.

Professional drain cleaning services can help prevent costly water damage in your home. Replacing a floor or walls cost a lot more than peace of mind.

Professional Drain Clean Reason #5-Unruly Odor

If you have ever left raw food in the trash for too long, you know the rancid smell it produces. Your drains are the same way. They can collect all the little particles that go down it.

Bacteria forms and spores can smell.

Flowery rinses and deodorizers can only mask the smells. Sometimes they can make them worse. Using water as a means to rinse away the mold isn’t always a viable solution.

Mold can stick to the pipes. Think of gum stuck in someone’s hair. It takes special methods to clean it out.

Cleaning your drains with a higher-pressure washing can help loosen the mold and clear it from the pipes.

Clean pipes not only smell better, but they are more sanitary!

What Does A Professional Cleaning Cost?

There are factors that mitigate the pricing for drain cleaning.

  • the size of the clog
  • the complexity of clearing debris and buildup
  • if there has been water damage
  • the necessity of pipes needing replacing
  • type of equipment
  • the amount of time it takes to do the job
  • the cause of the problem

These are all things that a plumber has to take into consideration when working on a job.

Common Pricing for Routine Plumbing Jobs

The cost of your drain cleaning service can vary based on what services need performing.

Chemical treatments administered by a professional are often the cheapest form of remedy. They aren’t always the safest. A professional evaluation can determine if this is a viable option.

Something simple like drain snaking or rodding can run anywhere between $100-$250. These are simple techniques to remove a clog or debris that is causing water to back up.

Hydro Jet cleaning can not only clear a clog but get debris and buildup that is stuck to the pipe wall. A little more expensive than snaking/rodding, it is a lot more beneficial. Ranging in price from $350-$600 for residential jobs, the results last longer. Commercial jobs can often cost thousands of dollars because of heavier machinery needed.

Caution is important with the Hydro Jet services. A video scope is often used to run the length of the pipe to check for vulnerability. The high pressure can cause weakened pipes to become damaged.

Paying for Replacement

Upon inspection, you find out the damage is undoable. Whether it is water damage or broken pipes, it can be expensive.

Depending on the amount of piping that needs replacing, the cost could range from $1000-$7500.
The price of replacing a floor can vary, but for hardwood flooring, someone could be looking at $5000 or more. This is only for materials, not for labor.

Replacement also can include things like foundation repairs, landscaping, and other outside/inside repairs to fix the damage.

Labor Costs

Plumbers don’t always have a set hourly rate. The more complex the job, the more their labor rate is going to be.

Simple snaking labor costs will be less than a complete line replacement.

Communicating with your plumber can help avoid any surprises in pricing. General rates can range from $40-$450 depending on complexity.

Don’t Settle for Less, Go with The Best

Anytime Plumbing is here for you, anytime. When your toilet overflows at 2 a.m., we will be on our way. If your kitchen has a foul odor that permeates to the neighbor’s house, we have a solution for that.

Let our unbeatable knowledge and service exceed your expectations.

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