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01 Jun

Drain Cleaning Capitola CA

Clogged drains are on the list of worst nightmares for Capitola CA homeowners. They can cause foul odors to navigate the rooms of your home, causing nausea and headaches for anyone unlucky enough to encounter them. Clogged drains can also lead to mold and attract pests like mosquitoes and cockroaches, or even sewer rats!

When the build-up is too much, the contents will have to go somewhere, and it won’t be to the sewer. Pipes can burst, and leak, leading to flooding and water contamination. Bacteria and other microbes have the potential to cause allergies and diseases which can put your family’s health at risk.

When you notice a drain is clogged, you must contact a professional Capitola plumber right away for rescue plumbing drain cleaning services. Clogged drains in the most severe cases lead to structural damage, and that’s something we at Anytime Plumbing wouldn’t want to see happen.

Drain cleaning plumbing services are the only way to ensure the clogs won’t return for a very long time. Learn from experienced Capitola plumbers about the factors which lead to blockages and why drain cleaning is so necessary.


What causes clogged drains?

Clogged drains are typical Capitola CA plumbing problems, and usually, the culprit is the actions of the people living there. Clogs can appear anywhere in your plumbing system, even in your water heater!

Here are some of the most common causes of clogged drains encountered by Capitola plumbing local pros:

Regular gunk

Gunk builds up in drains from time to time and is a mixture of dirt, grime, hair, soap scum, and skin flakes. Gunk can be found anywhere from your water heater to your shower drain. When it accumulates, it reduces water flow and can cause overflowing.

Mineral build-up

In Capitola CA, most homes receive hard water in their taps. Hard water contains high mineral content, and these minerals, primarily calcium, will begin to leave deposits on the insides of the pipe. Over time, it can mean slugging water flow and clogging.

Unfortunately, mineral build-up from hard water is difficult to escape, since hard water is the primary source of tapped water for most homes. Hard water can affect everything from your water heater to sewer pipes.

Hygiene products

More recently, hygiene products have been the main culprit for plumbing problems across the country, particularly toilet issues. Everything from toilet paper to “flushable wipes” (there’s no such thing) has caused expensive repairs for unlucky property owners in Capitola CA. Feminine hygiene products such as pads and tampons that are flushed will also cause clogging and other toilet issues.

Cooking grease or oil cake

City officials and plumbing experts in Capitola and other parts of the county are currently dealing with a crisis related to a buildup of cooking grease and oil because of improper disposal techniques from home and businesses. Too much money has gone into sewer replacements and trenchless sewer repair as a direct result of this practice. If you are a business owner in Santa Cruz County, you will face fines if found liable.

Once it cools down, it will begin to harden and form a disgusting water-phobic blob that blocks the drain, and can even cause damage to pipes.

Food scraps

When we toss food scraps down the garbage disposal, we don’t usually give it a second thought unless we hear a strange sound coming from it. The garbage disposal isn’t for all types of food, for example, eggshells, rice, and pasta, which can mix with soap scum, clump together, and cause blockages.

Blocked vents

Vents play an important role in wastewater drainage. When airflow is normal, water will waste properly. You’ll notice when the airflow is restricted, for instance, if you hear a gurgling noise in the sink when you flush the toilet. Repair ventilation in your house or business right away to restore proper drainage.

Even tree roots

Did you know that tee roots have the potential to clog drains and even devastate entire plumbing systems? Since the majority of the pipes are underground, roots can creep into cracks in pipes and work their way up to the point of becoming a real plumbing issue. They can even affect your sewer. When this happens, the solution may be to replace the damaged pipes.


Drain clearing vs drain cleaning services

People often use the terms drain clearing and drain cleaning interchangeably, but they’re not. They’re two different plumbing services entirely. If you care about your plumbing, drain cleaning services are something to seriously consider:

Drain clearing

When a plumber goes on a drain clearing job in Capitola, he/she is expected to perform emergency plumbing services for their customers. A plumbing drain cleaning snake is typically used and remnants of the clog will remain, as long as water flow and drainage are restored. However, it has the potential to become clogged again.

Drain cleaning

When a plumber goes on a drain cleaning job, he/she is expected to do a much more invasive process. Here, the drain is flushed out and cleaned completely to remove buildup to prevent clogs in the future.

Hydro jetting service is the modern approach to drain cleaning and is readily available in Capitola CA with Anytime Plumbing. Here, a force of 400 psi removes clogs, and its reside from the drains and pipe, and helps to keep the drain at optimal working condition.

Fixing a clogged drain

Experienced plumbers in Capitola CA have different approaches to drain cleaning depending on the culprit. The plumber starts with a pipe inspection to determine what is causing the blockage, some of it by external observation, and sometimes with a pipe camera.

Some clogs work themselves out, like in your toilet or water heater. Light clogs can be resolved with the use of a plunger. If that doesn’t work, a manual or motorized drain snake may be used to break through the clog. There’s even a drain snake designed especially for clogs caused by hair. Large pipes like the ones in the toilet or shower are better handled with a tool called a drain auger.

For tough or heavy clog, a hydro jet is typically used. Cable cleaning is another method that involves spinning blades to cut through clogs and scrape out residue build up.

If allowed to go unchecked, your plumbing and drain will suffer. Regular maintenance stops clogs before they become serious business, and can prevent the need for serious drain repair.

Sewer clogs are a bigger and messier plumbing job, and the service calls for a highly skilled plumber. If you run into this issue, consider installing a trenchless sewer to save time and money on future maintenance and repairs. Anytime Plumbing offers the solutions you need for your trenchless sewer repair and sewer replacements.

When you’re ready to talk about your trenchless sewer needs in Capitola CA, you know which company to call!

How you can prevent a clogged drain in Capitola

If you know what causes drains to clog, you should have a pretty good idea of how to prevent them in your Capitola house or business. Here are some ways you can save on your plumbing bill and keep your plumbing and drains clog-free:

  • Clean your drain stopper regularly, and use a hair strainer drain cover to trap hair and other gunk
  • Avoid flushing paper products that do not readily dissolve in water, like flushable wipes and feminine hygiene products.
  • Allow oil and grease to cool and solidify in a glass jar or plastic container, then dispose of it in a bin.
  • Use a combination of vinegar or lime juice and baking soda to break up mineral deposits.
  • Don’t use your sink as a garbage disposal
  • Install a water softener, especially leading to your water heater.
  • Have a local plumber perform regular inspections to monitor tree root activity.
  • Sewer inspections help to prevent big problems in the future. If possible, upgrade to a trenchless sewer system to make maintenance and sewer repair easier and cheaper.
  • Contact your local Capitola CA plumbing drain cleaning experts for quality service.

The Anytime Plumbing Guarantee | Full-service Plumbers Capitola

Drain cleaning service is something every business and homeowner in Capitola CA should consider if they care about their plumbing and don’t want to spend hundreds on repair down the line. Anytime Plumbing is a company you can turn to in Santa Cruz for quality Capitola drain cleaning services.

This is the Anytime Plumbing guarantee:

Get professional advice

When something goes wrong with your plumbing in Capitola CA, you will need professional advice on how to resolve the issue. Our experienced plumbers are competent and can figure out the problem as fast as you can dial your phone! Get advice you can trust from Capitola plumbing experts.

Handle your rescue plumbing emergency

Water heater not working? How about strange noises coming from your plumbing? Anytime Plumbing is here for you.

A blocked drain is considered a reason for seeking rescue plumbing services in Capitola CA. Our company provides quality inspection and repair services for all your plumbing and drain needs. Get your plumbing emergency handled by your own hero in Capitola today! We’ll send in Mr. Rescue Plumbing!

Trustworthy and reliable

Capitola homeowners need plumbers they can trust and rely on to respond quickly to plumbing and drain cleaning needs. Our Capitola plumbers are properly vetted and background checked before they are associated with our business and sent on plumbing and drain repair jobs.

Contact us right away if you live in Capitola, Santa Cruz County for more details.

Top-rated Capitola plumbing services

Curious about what other customers have to say about our Capitola plumbing services? Check our local reviews to learn more. Customer satisfaction and quality work have been our priority since the beginning, and we’re always ready to provide the residents of Capitola with exceptional service.

Affordable services in Capitola CA

Anytime Plumbing has expert plumbing professionals who provide great service in Capitola, Santa Cruz without crazy, expensive costs. Finally, you can schedule a plumbing repair, sewer line check, drain cleaning, trenchless sewer install, and other services without breaking the bank. Our plumbing service is among the most affordable in Capitola CA, and we never plan to change that.

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