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19 Feb

Does Insurance Cover Repiping?

Your piping system has a limited life expectancy, depending on the materials it’s made of, the conditions it was exposed to, and how well you maintained it. Repiping your whole house is usually the right solution for older buildings that have failing old plumbing systems. How long until your plumbing system reaches the end of its lifespan depends on what it’s made of.

Because repiping is often a complex project that can cost a few thousands of dollars, it’s a good idea to consider your financing options. Will insurance cover this cost?

Let’s find out!

When Is It Time to Repipe?

Certain signs might indicate the need to repipe. The fact that you need to call a plumber more and more often is one of the most telling ones. You might start noticing a lower water pressure in your faucets, a weird color or smell of the water, accidents like leaks and bursts happening all the time.

In the worst-case scenario, you have burst mains and water is already infiltrating your home or foundation, inflicting further damage.

What Is the Cost to Repipe a House?

Repiping an old house might cost up to $10,000, with an average of $8,500. The price goes up if you live in a big house that has multiple stories, a lot of fixtures and appliances connected to the water source, and if the plumbers will have a hard time reaching the pipes to assess, repair or replace them.

Will Repiping Be Covered by Insurance?

Typically, this kind of project will not be covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. Home insurance policies usually cover accidents, and repiping will be considered a preventive measure, even if your piping system already showed signs of collapse.

In order to be covered by insurance, there has to be actual damage, and in most cases, the insurance will cover that, but not the repairs needed to fix the leaking or burst pipe. To get compensation for the plumbing repairs as well, the incident has to be unpreventable. In other words, if the insurance company determines that the pipe wouldn’t have burst or leaked if you would’ve maintained it better, they will not pay for it.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to take all the measures an insurance company considers to be expected prevention, so it’s highly unlikely that you are eligible for compensation for repiping your house.


Even if you will have to pay for the repiping from your own pocket, don’t despair. You can repipe in sections, starting with the most urgent one and replacing the pipes as you go. Many plumbing companies also offer financing solutions, especially for big projects like these.

If you are in the Santa Cruz, CA area, contact Anytime Plumbing Inc. and have our experts assess your plumbing system, to determine if you do need a total repipe or if a more affordable solution is possible.

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