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18 Nov

DIY Garbage Disposal Maintenance – Keep Your Garbage Disposal In Good Shape

Garbage disposals make it easier to clean up after dinner and are very convenient. But if you’re not careful, you could end up damaging your garbage disposal or clogging your sink. Wondering how you can avoid clogs and keep your garbage disposal in great shape? Get some top tips below.

1. Scrape Your Plates Before Putting Them In The Sink

First of all, don’t use your disposal as a trash can. These devices are only meant to grind up small amounts of food debris. Stuffing a bunch of food down the disposal will certainly lead to a clog. Instead, make sure your plates are completely scraped off before you put them in the sink.

2. Never Pour Grease Down The Drain

Any kind of cooking fat like oil, butter, bacon grease, tallow, or any other oil or grease should never be poured down the drain, as it will solidify and can cause clogs in your disposal or your sink.

This is especially bad because the grease will act as a “magnet,” picking up food particles that otherwise would have been easily rinsed down the drain.

3. Avoid Putting Certain Foods Down The Garbage Disposal

Starchy foods like rice, pasta, oatmeal, and bread are sticky and tend to expand when wet, which can cause clogs in the disposal and your sink.

You also should not put fibrous fruits or vegetables or their peels into the disposal. The fibrous peels may get wrapped around your disposal blades which could cause the motor to burn out.

Coffee grounds are also a big problem and should be avoided. They tend to stick to grease and other debris in your sink and disposal, which can lead to clogs.

4. Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners can corrode and damage the disposal, as well as your pipes. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners throughout your home, and opt instead for a biological drain cleaner that won’t harm the disposal or your pipes.

5. Always Run Cold Water When You Turn On The Disposal

Running cold water when you run the disposal is very important, as it helps cool down the disposal and keeps it wet while it’s operating. This increases the overall efficiency of your unit, and helps preserve its lifespan, too.

Follow These Tips To Avoid Clogs & Disposal Damage

Your garbage disposal is a useful part of your sink, but it needs proper care if you want to maximize its lifespan, keep the motor in good shape, and avoid clogs and jams. So follow these tips from Anytime Plumbing to preserve your disposal and your kitchen sink.

And if you are having issues with your sink or think you may need to replace your disposal, we’re here to help. Contact Anytime Plumbing online or give us a call at 831-431-6593 to get the help you need.

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