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16 Dec

Different Types of Plumbing Tools

Plumbing is a craft that everyone should have a basic understanding of. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, you need various types of plumbing tools at your disposal. With these, you can attend to urgent plumbing needs.

Trust me; there is always a knob to tighten or a pipe joint to replace. With the right tool, fixing your plumbing issues is half-completed.

Here are some simple plumbing tools that are needed to perform plumbing tasks from basic to an almost-an-expert level:


This tool is like a basic necessity for plumbers in Santa Cruz and general homeowners. It’s the first tool that comes to mind when you experience clogging on your sinks, tubs, or toilets.

Plungers are quite affordable, so it doesn’t seem like a big deal owning one, but its significance triples when the clogging begins.


Most times, referred to as the plumber’s snake, the auger is used to remove complicated blockages on sinks, tubs, and toilets. These blocks could be caused by more persistent materials that can prove stubborn to the plungers. Hair strands congest on bathtubs over time and debris in toilets. You can easily remove these with an auger.

There are several types of augers, each with a unique design and used for specific purposes.


Impossible to ignore, the relevance of a plier in the house is enormous and goes far beyond plumbing. However, a lot of plumbing issues can be solved with a plier. You need a plier to hold parts of your plumbing works in place, to pull something or to press and bend anything.

Pliers come in various sizes and quality, but plumbing requires only a few since there is nothing big to ply except for commercial plumbing.

Pipe Wrench

Working with pipes comes with a lot of firm screwing and detaching that the hands and other tools cannot handle. Since water can flow through the smallest opening, screwing joints tightly is important.

A pipe wrench is used to grip pipes with a smooth surface that could be difficult to hold firmly by any other means.


This is an inexpensive tool that is worth much more than the price it is sold at. Without a crimper, crimping rounded ends of metal pipes is nowhere near possible.

While plumbing, crimping an edge of a metal pipe creates a male end that fits into another pipe. This makes joining two straight pipes to form a continuous duct easy.

Pipe Inspection Camera

Inside the hollows of pipes are dark, and it’s hard to see anything inside. To solve this problem, pipe inspection cameras are used. It helps the plumber detect the exact problem with your plumbing system.

When pipe clogs are being persistent, the inspection camera can be used to review what is holding the flow and then a more effective solution would be applied.

Tube Bender Set

In plumbing, the network of pipes is rarely straight. Although there are joints and clamps to help plumbers maneuver bent surfaces, there are times when those pre-designed joints won’t fit. This is where the tube benders come in. They are available in various sizes and can bend metal pipes for easy manipulation across bent areas.

Professional plumbers have these tools, and as one with a wealth of experience and a laser focus on delivering top-quality affordable plumbing service, Anytime Plumbing is well sophisticated with top-class plumbing tools to help you solve your plumbing issues. Contact us today.

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