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28 Aug

Common Summer Plumbing Problems In Santa Cruz

Summertime in Santa Cruz County is considered the high season.  Hundreds are frequenting the beaches, there are numerous outdoor concerts to attend, and most of the area’s attractions are open daily.  Because there are more activities and adventures this time of year, we tend to neglect important preventative home maintenance that is so crucial.  Consequently, this is the time of year that Anytime Plumbing gets busy with some very common summer plumbing problems.

What are the most common plumbing problems we take care of during the summer?

During the summer months, your plumbing is at a much higher risk for certain problems that could be avoided with a little preventative home maintenance.  So, our specialists have made the following list of the 3 most common summer Santa Cruz plumbing problems to be aware of so you don’t have to pay some very costly repair expenses:

  • Backed-up sewer lines – if the weather cools down, it’s a perfect recipe for summer thunderstorms.  Although the lightning and thunder produce some awesome light and sound effects during a downpour, that excess amount of water can also mean a backed-up sewer line and some serious problems for your household.
  • Clogged garbage disposals – summertime is grilling season and the best time of the year to connect with family members, friends, and neighbors.  However, with all those additional people in your home, it means that there will be an abundance of food scraps that find their way into your garbage disposal.  Consequently, clogged disposals are a primary reason for an increase in service calls to Anytime Plumbing.
  • Clogged toilets – as with clogged garbage disposals, another one of the most common summer plumbing problems are clogged toilets which are often attributed to the higher amount of use they’re exposed to this time of year.  Therefore, it’s very important that everyone who uses your toilets knows what can and can’t be flushed down them.  While many clogs are easy to fix with a plunger, others require a professional fix.

Fortunately, most of our specialists are licensed Journeyman and Master Plumbers who can easily solve these problems so things around your home can return to normal. With years of experience in the piping and plumbing industry, they understand the nuances and can quickly evaluate the issues and repair it.

Why is it important to hire a licensed plumber from Anytime Plumbing instead of a handyman?

Many homeowners often rely on the neighborhood handyman to solve these common summer plumbing problems in order to save a few bucks.  However, this isn’t always the best idea, especially when you consider that most handymen have not had the technical training that a licensed plumber has.  So what other crucial differences should you be aware of and when should you consider hiring a handyman instead of a licensed plumber?

First and foremost, a handyman (or woman) may be able to handle a lot of the smaller home jobs, but most are not required to have more than a business licensed.  Although they may have considerable experience with different plumbing problems, they lack the specific degree or training that a licensed plumber has.  Consequently, it’s best to hire a handyman if it’s a small project and you want to save money.  This would include painting the inside or outside of your home, replacing air filters or window screens, ot tightening the knobs on your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Conversely, Journeymen or Master Plumbers from Anytime Plumbing are certified and licensed professionals that have trained as apprentices, passed their qualifying exams, and meet all the competency criteria for their trade.  This means that:

  • their skills are complex and multi-faceted
  • they have extensive knowledge in the areas of chemistry and physics
  • they know the behaviors and properties of gases and liquids
  • they understand the pressures that accompany different environmental conditions and how the slightest change can cause a wide range of plumbing problems

When you hire one of our licensed and trained plumbers to fix those common summer plumbing problems listed above, you’re getting someone who stays up-to-date on the standards of our industry as well as all local laws and regulations that ensure compliance with specific safety standards.  This means that our plumbers will always ensure that your property is code compliant and safe to occupy. We encourage our customers to ask questions, clarify doubts so they stay informed about signs and call us quickly if there is any issue the next time.

To learn more about these common summer plumbing problems and how we can easily resolve them, contact Anytime Plumbing today. Our Santa Cruz emergency plumbing team is available 24/7 so you know that we are just a call away.

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