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22 Sep

Boiler Services

If suspect that your boiler isn’t working as good as it should, it may be time to contact Anytime Plumbing for boiler service.  Your boiler depends on the pipes or radiators that your heating system is equipped with.  With this type of system, you get consistent heat because there are no blowers to create any kind of draft.  However, you could also have an aging system or a leaking pipe somewhere that is robbing you of your comfort and warmth.  Our specialists can do preventative maintenance, make repairs, or install a newer upgraded model when providing our services. Even if they are called for a specific job, they’ll quickly evaluate the current working of the boiler system and let you know if anything else needs attention.

What can you expect from Anytime Plumbing?

We offer the most comprehensive boiler service and can repair, replace, or service just about any brand of boiler on the market today.  We can even repair or replace the pipes running through your walls.  We are bonded, insured and licensed plumbing technicians and are the boiler experts you’ve been searching for.  When you call us for any boiler problems you’re having, you can expect:

  • courteous, honest, and professional service
  • flat-rate prices every time
  • high-quality, long-lasting repairs
  • parts and workmanship that’s 100% guaranteed
  • 24/7 emergency service (holidays and weekends included)

At Anytime Plumbing, we like to give our customers the same respect and service that we would give our own families. For us, our customers are a priority and we go that extra mile to ensure that it is a job well done.

What are some of the more common boiler problems?

Without regular preventative maintenance and boiler service, a boiler will suffer as it ages by accumulating a build-up of mineral deposits that typically consist of either calcium carbonate and/or magnesium carbonate.  These mineral deposits can cause leaking pipes because of the pressure they put on them.  Furthermore, air in the pipes causes a boiler to operate inefficiently which in turn, increases your monthly utility bills. 

All the while, you’re not getting any warmer.  Common boiler problems include that we have seen over the years include:

  • broken thermostats
  • leaking boilers
  • leaking pipes
  • low boiler water levels
  • malfunctioning pilot lights

Whether you need us for boiler repairs, replacement, or service, the pros at Anytime Plumbing can handle the job courteously, effectively, and professionally.  In any case, a fully and properly operating boiler is only an e-mail or a phone call away. It is best to call in our professional when there is a minor issue that you noticed. That helps you save more as minor issues snowball into major problems and can cost you more later on.

What is included in our boiler service?

As an integral household component, especially during the winter months, you want to ensure that it’s working properly every time you need it.  You wouldn’t drive your vehicle without ever getting it serviced, would you? Then why would you do the same thing with your broiler? Our boiler preventative maintenance plan includes (not in this order):

  • analyze the flue gas
  • check all ignition components and flame quality
  • check all operating pressures
  • check for leaks
  • check the system pressure
  • check to see burners are operating properly and safely
  • clean out condensing trap (condensing boilers only)
  • clean system filter
  • inspect all controls and oil where needed
  • inspect the flue
  • make sure that all seals are bonded
  • perform a second leak check
  • perform a visual check
  • perform all required safety checks

So, how often should you service your boiler? That depends on the manufacturer.  But, usually you should have your boiler serviced every 12 months starting one year from the installation date.  Otherwise, it could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

How much does our boiler service and repairs cost?

The average cost to repair a boiler is around $380 whereas the price range among homeowners is between $185 and $598.  Furthermore, the cost can be influenced by a range of factors including age and location of the unit, number of broken parts that need to be replaced, and so on.  These additional factors can increase the cost to $1,000 or more.  The breakdown of repair costs is as follows:

  • Electric boilers – $200 to $400
  • Gas boilers – $100 to $400
  • Oil boiler – $200 to $500

Keep in mind that these are national averages that are only meant to give you an idea of the costs you’d be looking at should need repair services.  As we mentioned early, Anytime Plumbing offers the most comprehensive boiler service at very competitive pricing.  Most importantly, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your boiler is working safely and efficiently when you need it most.

To learn more about our boiler maintenance, repairs, and replacement services, call Anytime Plumbing at your earliest convenience.

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