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21 Sep

Backflow Prevention Device Testing and Repair

As the name implies, “backflow” refers to a situation where the water in your business or home flows in the opposite direction that it normally would when your plumbing system is functioning properly.  Make no mistake about it.  Backflow is a very serious plumbing issue as it can cause your drinking water to become contaminated.  This poses serious health concerns because it enables harmful substances such as chemicals, pesticides, and waste to enter your drinking water supply.

How can we help?

At Anytime Plumbing, our backflow prevention device, testing and repair service, and other plumbing-related products were designed and developed to ensure that the issue is corrected so you don’t have to worry about your safety.  Many communities today are required to have backflow devices installed throughout their commercial or residential properties.  However, this may not be the case if you own an older home.

What causes backflow problems in businesses and homes?

Now that you’re aware of what a serious problem backflow can be, you’re probably wondering what causes it.  In many instances, this is caused by crossed plumbing connections between non-potable and potable water lines.  When you’re connected to your city’s water supply, a series of pipes carries water to all businesses and homes in your community.  When your Santa Cruz plumbing system isn’t working properly, the water entering your home can leave via the same pathways.

The two primary causes of backflow are back pressure and back siphonage as follows:

  • Back pressure – when fresh water enters your commercial or residential property and has lower pressure than what is being supplied within your plumbing system, backflow occurs.  Eventually, your clean water can get contaminated unless the problem is fixed.
  • Back siphonage – the opposite is true with back siphonage.  In this case, the water supply entering your business or home is entering at a higher pressure than what is in your plumbing system.  This can also result in contamination of your water supply.

There are a number of sources of contamination caused by backflow issues including your garbage disposal, showers, sinks, and toilets.  It can also result from the chemicals in your outdoor water supply.  This can be resolved by contacting Anytime Plumbing and having a specialist install a backflow prevention device; testing and repair are also recommended to ensure the problem has been corrected.

What is a backflow prevention device?

Before water flows from your faucets, it flows through a number of connections before entering your home.  Your water supply originates from your local water treatment plant and flows into the main supply lines.  However, when the water pressure changes, it can cause the water to flow in the opposite direction.  This is commonly referred to as backflow.  For example, if your pipes freeze, this will cause water pressure to drop.

Furthermore, when you have a backflow problem, dirt can enter your pipes from the ground or sewer line and flow into your business or home, thereby causing the water to get contaminated and being unsafe to drink.  A backflow prevention device, testing and repair service, and other plumbing products from Anytime Plumbing can prevent these different backflow problems.  One of our specialists can easily install a backflow device at the main water valve.  This will keep bad water out of your primary water supply.

If you have custom requirements or issues that are not resolving easily, our crew is knowledgeable and have the tools to rectify the issues. We have years of experience in the plumbing industry and have worked on large and small projects. Thus, we give equal importance to each repair project that we take on.

What types of backflow preventers can be installed?

We offer several types of backflow preventers that can easily be installed in commercial and residential properties.  Although they operate differently, the outcome is very similar.  These include:

  • Air gap – as the most popular backflow preventer, the air gap is extremely effective and is usually installed in home bathrooms and sinks.
  • Atmospheric vacuum breaker – this elbow-shaped preventer has an internal valve that prevents backflow and is usually installed downstream.
  • Automatic flood gate valve – these are installed in order to prevent wastewater from entering the main city water supply.
  • Dual check valves – due to thermal expansion, dual check valves have a limited use in residential properties.  Check with Anytime Plumbing if you have this device in your home.
  • Hydrostatic loop – this preventer prevents backflow and back siphonage.
  • Reduced pressure zone device (RPZD) – recommended for preventing high water contamination and the potential health hazards that can result.

To learn more about a backflow prevention device, testing and repair services, and other helpful plumbing products, contact Anytime Plumbing today. Our business representatives have the answers for your questions and would be happy to assist you as needed. Call us now!

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